Talking design inspiration with TUMI Creative Director, Victor Sanz

by Hannah Grogan on Aug 15, 2018 in Products
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Ahead of TUMI’s 2018 Fall/Winter Collection launch and following the launch of the all-new Latitude Collection, Perspective spoke with Creative Director, Victor Sanz, to find out his design inspirations, philosophies and what’s next for the brand 

TUMI announced the launch of its newest premium collection, Latitude, in June. This hard shell collection is made from SRRP Ballistic, a groundbreaking material that is durable and lightweight enough to make this the lightest TUMI luggage collection yet. In July, the brand previewed its 2018 Fall/Winter collection in Hong Kong. Included was the Latitude collection as well as a number of new styles for the season, inspired by Scandinavian design. 

Can you tell us about TUMI's brand philosophy in terms of design?
To me, TUMI as a brand is driven by the philosophy of making our customers' lives easier and perfecting their journey. Whether it’s traveling from the East Coast of the United States all the way to Asia or traveling from your home to your office to a night out. We examine our customers and continuously strive to find new ways to make their journeys as easy and painless as possible.

We strive to create designs that are season-less as we know our products have an exceptionally long lifespan. We want to ensure that the designs feel as fresh today as they will one year, five years and 10 years from now.

We are as excited about the product as we want our customers to be

What makes a TUMI travel case, a TUMI travel case?
We look at every design challenge from various angles to better ourselves and our product whenever we start the conception of a new design or redesigning an existing one. Whether it’s the overall aesthetic of a collection or something as small as the surface of a pushbutton on a handle. We analyse the products that we’re making and go beyond the norm to ensure that we are as excited about the product as we want our customers to be. We spend a lot of time making large and small improvements while designing updated features and details into the pieces that may not ever be seen by the customer. It may be the way that we attach the lining to a bag or the way that a pocket closes almost magically to hold your phone. These are the type of details that push the brand forward and make the brand what we are.TUMI Latitude_Alexander Skarsgard_Lifestyle Shot 2What inspires your creations and designs?
I'm inspired by so many things – traveling to new places, speaking to new people, eating new meals, listening to new music, seeing new art. These aspects inspire me and the team every day and translate into [our] TUMI designs. The most important aspect to me when designing a new collection is truly understanding the customer, their world and their lifestyle.

Tell us about the Latitude Travel Collection
Latitude is our newest premium, hard-shell collection and the lightest TUMI luggage yet. The Latitude collection is crafted from the patented Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene (SRPP) Ballistic material. This is an ultra-durable material that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. With Latitude, we wanted to create a collection that offers the best of the best in terms of innovation and aesthetic, which pushed us to improve weight, function, durability and design. With the success of our 19 Degree collection, we wanted to continue that story with a sleek and modern design that is at the crossroads of art, architecture, fashion and design; and now Latitude is TUMI's lightest weight travel collection to-date.

The most important aspect to me when designing a new collection is truly understanding the customer, their world and their lifestyle

TUMI Latitude collection

TUMI Latitude collection featuring actor Alexander Skarsgard

Can you walk us through the balance between strength, lightweight and design for Latitude?
As we are developing the design we are in constant communication with the engineering team to look at all these areas at the same time and to achieve these design features that will meet all of our customers' needs from a durability standpoint to the aesthetic and everything in between. Functionality and style go hand in hand, creating a harmonious balance. Not only are we constantly perfecting designs, but also the materials, functionality and quality. As we evolve and improve upon each collection, we ensure those innovations are carried forward to as many future collections as possible to deliver the best product to our customers, making their lives easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.

What is your vision for TUMI in the next few years?
One of the things that TUMI prides itself on is that it’s always pushing itself further. Whether that’s creating lighter weight products that still meet the high demands of TUMI's standards or if it’s looking at how our consumer's lives have changed and addressing those needs with simple solutions. Most of those "simple solutions" include new technologies and innovations that the customer never sees and is a way to better the product.

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