Pékin Fine Arts shows three sculptures by Arik Levy at Art Basel

by Sophie Cullen on Mar 24, 2016 in Products
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Crater 210 blue  ©Arik Levy

Crater 210 blue ©Arik Levy

Arik Levy, represented by Pékin Fine Arts, is currently showing three sculptures at Art Basel Hong Kong

The Israel-born artist who currently works our of his studio in Paris, travelled to Hong Kong to accompany his works and talk about the sculptures to guests at Art Basel. “Your art is like your kid; you can’t just let it out there alone. You need to support it, talk about, hear what people say; and introducing it is really a great moment,” notes Levy as we chat with him at the event.

The Rock  ©Arik Levy

Rock Stone 198 red ©Arik Levy

Making their debuts in Hong Kong,  the works speak to each other while simultaneously retaining their own unique senses of independence. The installation is conceived of three sculptures: The Stone, The Crater and The TripleFusion. “One is an evolution of the other. They are independently made, but they also evolve from each other,” says the artist.

The TripleFusion  ©Arik Levy

Rock Triple Fusion Vertical 190 ©Arik Levy

“All of the pieces are just a little bit over man-size, so they start to look at us instead of us looking at them. This is the first step in undoing the overpowering ambitions that human’s have. The second thing is that it is a non-geometrical formation; it’s all about a false geometry.”

Arik Levy (Image courtesy Pekin Fine Arts)

Arik Levy (Image courtesy Pekin Fine Arts)

Rock Stone 198 red is a solid steel structure with multi-faceted sides. Executed in a deep red colour, Levy discloses that the colour choices of all of the pieces were made to resemble fire, and the different hues seen in the roaring of a flame. Crater 210 blue is the bone; the bone of what The Stone would become when dried. It is the only piece that allows the viewer areas in which they can see through, and is blue in colour, representing the intense heat found at the base of the fire. Finally, Rock Triple Fusion Vertical 190 sees the three pieces departing, and depicts a weightless form.

The works can be viewed at the Encounters section of Art Basel that was curated for the second time by Alexie Glass-Kantor.

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