by Peace Chiu on Sep 30, 2014 in Products
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With the recent launch of a flagship showroom along Lockhart Road in Hong Kong — the territory’s home furnishing hub — Duravit‘s general manager for Asia Guido Münz speaks to Perspective about their innovative products, as well as the bathroom and sanitary product scene in Hong Kong

What are some of the product lines showcased in the Duravit flagship showroom?

First, we have the Happy D.2 line, which is a reinterpretation of Happy D, a product line which has been around for a long time. Designed by Sieger Design, the line is characterised by a nice blend of geometric designs with curves and rounded shapes. The products have a very chic and feminine appearance.
We also have Durastyle, designed by Matteo Thun and Partners. The line is characterised by its versatility and has a visual lightness. The products in this line can be used in many different settings and cater to many different tastes of potential users. The line is characterised by a thin rim and tapered edges.
Duravit is known for its innovation in design and technology — what’s new and special about your latest products?

One of the toilets of the Durastyle line is rimless, which makes it possible to have a very good flushing result with a small amount of water — just 4.5 litres, in fact. Having a rimless toilet also means one can keep the toilet clean and hygienic.
Hongkongers tend to focus on decorating their living room and bedrooms, but don’t invest much in bathroom furniture. How does Duravit create a consumer market in Hong Kong?

I think this is changing, especially because of the recent developments in our industry. People see their bathroom not just as a place to wash; they also see it as a place where they can relax, like a mini spa at home. People pay quite a lot of money for spas in hotels. Duravit offers products like a steam shower, small sauna, or a whirl tub with music and nice lighting. I think this is a wise investment which will pay off.
Space is usually a concern in Hong Kong — how does Duravit tackle this issue?

All our lines have a lot of options: for example, wash basins and toilets come in different sizes. Even if you want a private spa, we have solutions that can be done in a very small space. For example, we have a steam shower that only takes 1.2 sq-m of space. Similarly, we have a small sauna for one person which also takes 1.2 sq-m. These can fit in a relatively small bathroom.
A lot of our products can be installed as wall-mounted versions. By not standing on the floor, the furniture doesn’t take up as much space; in this way, the bathroom appears bigger. We also have a shower screen, called Open Space, which you can fold against the wall when you’re done with showering, hiding the shower system. This gives you more space in the bathroom.
What do people in Hong Kong look for most when purchasing sanitary products and bathroom furniture? Has this changed over the years?

European design has been popular in Hong Kong. With the Internet, everybody knows what is available worldwide. The people in Hong Kong are quite well informed and look for good brands, good designs and good quality. The level of sophistication has increased over the years. They are now more educated, informed and have higher expectations when it comes to the bathrooms.
In your opinion, what is most important when it comes to designing bathroom furniture?

It’s the possibility for many different options. This makes the furniture suitable for all kinds of bathroom settings, be it big or small. Bathroom furniture must be able to match the overall bathroom environment and allow one to have a co-ordinated design. The possibility for a user to combine and tailor bathroom furniture according to his or her taste and needs, especially when it comes to surface and colour, is important.
Duravit’s flagship showroom is located at 343 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.