by Peace Chiu on Oct 10, 2014 in Products
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With the use of recycled materials and clean, sleek and natural designs, eco-friendly mobile accessories brand ETEAQ hopes to promote eco-responsibility and give back to nature, says the company’s CEO and co-founder Bas Fransen 

“A passion to protect the environment and make a difference” – that was the simple reason which drove Bas Fransen (CEO and CMO of ETEAQ) and two other co-founders, with backgrounds ranging from technology and mobile devices to furniture and finance, to establish eco-friendly mobile accessories brand ETEAQ early this year, says the firm’s CEO.
“With over six billion people worldwide with active mobile phone subscriptions, servicing a global population of seven billion, our relationship with mobile technology is set for the long-term, while our relationship with mobile accessories is stuck in the short-term,” says Fransen. “The mobile accessories market is saturated with mass-manufactured, predominantly plastic, soulless products, which contribute greatly to global plastic waste.”
ETEAQ recently launched its debut range, the Pure Collection, at an exhibition in The Space in Sheung Wan. Pure features iPhone cases for iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, as well as iPhone docks and stands for smartphones, phablets, mini tablets and tablets.
Fransen says that the products in ETEAQ’s first collection are handcrafted using aged recycled teak from old houses in Java, Indonesia. For the iPhone cases, the outer frames are made of 100 per cent industrial recycled and biodegradable plastic. As for the docks and stands, the recycled aluminium is sourced from the number plates of old cars in Indonesia.
Fransen explains that a good friend of his happens to be the founder of d-Bodhi, a Singaporean company and one of world’s largest furniture brands using only reclaimed teak wood from old houses in Indonesia. “During the furniture-making process, you end up with ‘rest wood’ — smaller pieces of beautifully aged teak. We use this to create our one-of-a-kind ETEAQ pieces.”
Even the packaging is handmade from recycled material, which comes in the form of a beautiful gift box which can be reused, adds Fransen.
In terms of design, ETEAQ products are clean, sleek and natural, with the most attention-catching element being a World Identification Number (WIN) engraved on each product. The CEO explains that the WIN represents a tree that consumers automatically adopt upon purchasing an ETEAQ piece, in a partnership with Trees4Trees, a non-profit organisation which engages in reforestation initiatives.
“By entering that WIN in the Tree Tracker, a web application we developed using Google Earth, you can view the exact location of your tree in Indonesia. You can also see the name of the farmer that planted your tree. By showcasing the direct connection between purchase and tree, you can visualise the positive impact of your purchase, which we hope will inspire more mindful consumer behaviour and increased interest in environmental issues,” says Fransen.
There is a growing awareness and demand for eco-awareness and eco-friendly products in Hong Kong, he notes, adding that Hong Kong is an ideal gateway between Asia and the rest of the world, as his company also sells globally through its e-commerce website.
“Not only is Hong Kong a global trendsetter, it is also considered as one of the most advanced countries when it comes to mobile device adoption and usage. What better trend to set than to encourage a cleaner, greener, more considerate world for us, as well as future generations to come,” he enthuses.
In Hong Kong, ETEAQ retails at eco-chic furniture boutique TREE, and through its own global e-commerce site

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