Andrea Ponti's kitchen utensil designs for Hong Kong brand Ommo

by Cheryl Lau on Sep 30, 2016 in Lifestyle , Products
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All images courtesy Ponti Design Studio Ltd.

All images courtesy Ponti Design Studio Ltd.

Andrea Ponti, judge at Perspective’s A&D Trophy Awards 2016, has designed three kitchen utensils for Ommo

Unveiled earlier this year at the Ambiente show, the kitchen utensils are named Diga, Koma and Torus under Ommo, a new brand with strong beliefs in bringing fun to people daily with well-designed tools.


Being on trend yet differentiating themselves from other minimalist products, the utensils are completed in bright colours against stainless steel and matte plastic. Keeping it simple yet sophisticated, Ponti plays with abstract shapes and curved lines, making unique pieces that are functional, user-friendly and fun – aligning with Ommo's design principles.

Take a look at Diga – the two colour melamine salad bowl that can rinse, drain and serve vegetables. The 3-in1 function is real without additional equipment. It begins by rinsing the vegetables, then users simply turn the disk counterclockwise at the bottom of the bowl to empty out the water. When vegetables are ready, the button at the bottom can be turned clockwise to prevent fallout and hold liquid substances in the bowl to serve.

strainer pho5

strainer pho1

Koma and Torus on the other hand, are both tea infusers with distinctive physical characteristics.


Koma features a round base that elongates up into a long stainless steel-trimmed handle, that allows users to have a better grip on the product. Just simply fill Koma with tea leaves and drop it into the cup where it naturally stands up, while users add additional flavourings such as honey or sugar, they can use Koma to do the job in stirring it in with the tea.


Torus is donut-shaped as its name suggests. However, it has the flexibility to change into an S-shape designed to hang on to any cup with the silicone hanging outwards. Notice how the stainless steel infuser takes up one third space because the remaining area is a case that can store up to three different diffusers that dry storage tea leaves.


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