Joseph Chang from JC Vision talks about his life as an interior designer

by Sophie Cullen on Aug 8, 2016 in Lifestyle
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Images: © Dicky Liu and courtesy JC Vision

Images: © Dicky Liu and courtesy JC Vision

Having studied both fashion and interior design, Joseph Chang from JC Vision has a unique take on creating personal spaces for his clients

Joseph Chang embraces his interior design projects the same way he does life — head on, with a whole lot of passion and a flair for the eclectic. A graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, the Hong Kong native runs his practice JC Vision from a studio in Central, and recently he sat down with us for a chat


Joseph Chang at his studio in Central

Tell us how you became interested in the world of design.
Style, creativity and anything aesthetic have been a part of my consciousness for as long as I can remember. I have always been focused on the big picture and the creative process behind it. When I
was nine years old, my parents were busy decorating our new apartment, and I remember I loved that process… I didn't like their picks, but of course nobody listened to me!

What kind of projects do you generally tend to work on?
Most designers like the largest home or the largest budget, but for me, I love any project when I know what we have created has made a difference in the life of a client. In the past few years, we have completed smaller designs – for instance a 2,000 sq-ft villa house — where challenges were great, but the end result was superb.

4W1W4774_1_ For this project in Mid-Levels, Chang wanted to create a modern look with touches of French style

For this project in Mid-Levels, Chang wanted to create a modern look with touches of French style

How would you describe your design aesthetic or style?
I am always looking for balance. I love it when rooms come alive with a personality, and I like things to be real and to honestly reflect the people who live inside. Designers have a point of view for sure, but for me it really depends where a home is, who the people are and what they like. It's a process; you ask lots of questions and listen. It's the listening, seeing and feeling — it's all about senses.

How do the worlds of fashion and interior design relate?
Fashion design is influenced by traditional and social attitudes; interior design is the systematic and synchronised methodology of creating an aura of beauty. There is, however, a kind of mutual support between the two, related by the perceived level of up-to-datedness — it's just that the refresh rate of the fashion world is way faster than that of interiors. They are both about taste, aesthetics and expressing individuality.


Having originally studied fashion design, Chang believes there is a strong link between that world and the world of interior design

Are there any trends coming through in the world of interior design that you can tell us about?
I see minerals going au natural — say a door handle from pyrite or semiprecious stone — but it's an 'anything goes' world anyway, so it's fine to mix high with low, Baroque with contemporary, colours, patterns and forms. The best trend I'm seeing is people forgetting about the rules and loving what they love unapologetically.

And finally… How would you decorate your dream home if money and size were no object?
In a Spanish Mission style with tall white walls for my large pieces of art, and warm, modern rooms that mix classics like a Chesterfield sofa with an offbeat black lacquered throne.

This is an excerpt from the "The Rule Breaker” article from the July/August 2016 issue of Perspective magazine.

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