by Teresa Chow on Jan 26, 2015 in Lifestyle
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Ambitious by nature, sculptor and graphic designer Raymond Pang believes sports is the best training to help overcome life's challenges and develop a positive attitude

All round amateur sportsman Raymond Pang is no stranger to TRX: if you give him a list of sports, he would probably tick most of the boxes. In fact, nothing short of injury stops him from enjoying the healthy sweat of a good workout — and it just so happens that this is how he discovered TRX.
"Last year, I injured my ankle, which has stopped me from doing a lot of sports for a while," he says. "But swimming is the best form of exercise and it helps heal injuries. I did stop running for a while, so I joined various fitness classes and that's how I got to know about TRX."
Pang's love affair with sports and nature developed at a very young age. Born to a fisherman's family, he always loved the ocean and became captain of the swimming club at school. "Apart from that, I am also the member of the athletics team. There were a lot of proud moments taking part in both teams. We worked very hard to upgrade ourselves to higher divisions and win in inter-school competitions."
It is this striving for excellence which helped Pang succeed at his work as a graphic designer. "Whenever I had to work overtime, I would squeeze in some time to go swimming. I felt refreshed and that's when the ideas would come."This is a preview of the "In search of excellence” article from the “Breaking free” series, featuring five local designers to reveal how sports has changed their creative lives, from the combined January/February Design issue of Perspective magazine.

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