Grohe showcases two innovative products at ISH 2017

by Perspective on Apr 20, 2017 in Archive , Lifestyle , Perspective Promotions
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Grohe's booth at ISH 2017 at Frankfurt, Germany

Grohe's booth at ISH 2017 at Frankfurt, Germany

At ISH 2017, Grohe introduced a number of new concepts and products to improve the well-being of homeowners, as well as a revolutionary innovation — a unique system that protects homes from water damage

Renowned as one of the world's leading sanitary fittings brands, Grohe took the opportunity presented by the recent 2017 edition of ISH in Frankfurt, Germany, to showcase its latest developments and designs by hosting an impressive display with the theme 'Water. Intelligence. Enjoyment.'

"Water is a life force. A condition of life. Grohe infuses it with intelligence and enjoyment," says Michael Rauterkus, CEO of Grohe.

Grohe's two key innovations were unveiled at ISH: Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard, created to address the issue of water damage in households. Grohe Sense is a smart water sensor which is able to detect flooding, as well as tracking room temperature and humidity. Multiple devices across different rooms in the house can be used to notify the homeowner of any issues instantly so that he or she has the time to react.

Grohe Sense

Grohe Sense

Grohe Sense Guard is a smart water controller, which detects frost risk, micro leakage and pipe break. Once installed in the central water pipe of the house by a professional installer, the device enables users to shut down the water supply automatically in case of a burst pipe. With its advanced technology, Grohe Sense Guard can even detect a tap which has been left running.

Grohe Sense Guard

Grohe Sense Guard

The innovative water security system is based on industry standard wireless LAN technology, controlled through the Grohe Ondus App — the centrepiece of the system. It offers the highest level of water safety, allowing to continually monitor and control both Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard. Users receive alerts when there is a water issue at home and can shut off their water supply using the app, which also has a feature that allows users to track their domestic water consumption.

As part of the Lixil Group, a Japanese manufacturer of building materials and housing equipment headquartered in Tokyo, Grohe has been cooperating with Lixil for some years, recently launching two new products in the SmartControl Line. The first combines the key benefits of concealed and exposed shower systems: the water pipe is neatly concealed in the wall but the shower control unit remains exposed, doubling as a convenient shelf for shower gels and accessories.

The second new version, SmartControl Concealed, is even more elegant. While using the same push-and-turn buttons, it features a very low-profile minimalist design. As usual, Grohe offers the new versions in a great variety of options. Available in square and round designs as well as in chrome or white finishes, the new shower control system is an optimum solution for any bathroom ambiance and for any installation point. Moreover, the XXL-sized Mono head shower is now also sold separately.

Grohe SmartControl

Grohe SmartControl

For designers' convenience, Grohe also offers the Essence faucet range, where a tremendous range of variations can assist designers in crafting individually-tailored creations. The entire range, from faucets to showers and accessories, offers 10 possible combinations of colours and state-of-the-art finishes.

Another breathtaking innovation is the AquaSymphony, while Grohe regards it as the most luxurious shower in the world. With its impressive size of the 1016mm x 762mm, the shower creates interplay of water that can be soothing, relaxing or invigorating.

"The AquaSymphony shower's ground-breaking design and deluxe range of features responds directly to that need by bringing all the indulgent luxury of a SPA experience into their own bathroom," concludes Michael Seum, vice-president of design at Grohe.

2 GROHE_Michael Seum_VP Design

Michael Seum, vice-president of design at Grohe

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