Alexander Wong Redesigns SOGO CLUB

by Sophie Cullen on Nov 19, 2015 in Lifestyle
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In celebration of SOGO’s 30th Anniversary, Alexander Wong Architects was charged with redesigning a brand new SOGO CLUB

Since its opening in 1985, SOGO in Causeway Bay has been the one-stop, Japanese department store that Hong Kongers flock to for fashion, beauty and accessories. As part of the company’s 30th Anniversary “Style Evolution” Programme, Alexander Wong Architects was asked to create an interior design for SOGO CLUB that spoke to its Japanese heritage while moving the brand’s image into the future.

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (16) a

At the centre of this space is the Interstellar Display, inspiration for which came from the library scene of Christopher Nolan’s movie of the same name – Interstellar. For this area, the firm has designed Katana Display Shelves, a refined and sophisticated system that accommodates and incorporates adjustable shelves, hanging panels and curved glass display cases – all with special indirect LED lighting fitted-in. The curved-shape of these shelves recall the gentle bend of the Samurai Sword known as Katana and offer a concave and a convex edge as two subtly different experiences for the approaching customers.

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (04)

The bespoke SOGO triangular monogram ceiling and flooring patterns reflect the traditional Japanese art of origami, speaking to the Japanese roots of the department store. The ceiling panels, with track lighting units incorporated, utilise and exploit the dynamic qualities of the triangular pattern, enabling diverse angles and flexibility for positioning spotlights while incorporating all other electrical and mechanical requirements within a rectilinear plan – ultimately generating a lively ambience.

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (06)

A ceiling ribbon in Corian is a symbol of shopping and gift wrapping with the additional function of delineating consignees' boundaries in an elegant and unobtrusive manner. A sculptural curtain crafted from the same material effectively softens the spatial qualities without creating any additional complications in cleaning and maintenance.

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (13)

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (16) a

Across all floors, Alexander Wong Architects has used organic & natural-looking but ultimately artificial materials such as Quarella Marble base flooring panels and Formica laminates with embossed timber patterns. This decision allowed the designers to create a long-lasting interior for the high-traffic area without sacrificing the sophistication of the overall design.

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (31)

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (30)


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