SMART LIVING In the age when the Internet of Things (IoTs) sets to dominate the future, we are inevitably moving towards a more intelligent living benefitted from advanced technology. This is evident in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual tech fair held in January in Las Vegas, US, where smart home devices, artificial intelligence, connected kitchen, virtual reality, augmented reality, wireless charging and SC technology were the trending keywords. A host of smart kitchen gadgets, connected appliances and accessories, Bluetooth-enabled devices are poised to shape the kitchens of tomorrow. Expect a refrigerator with a large display panel and digital assistant and a washing machine that adjusts to users’ washing preferences. LED Ws made with micro LEDs that are slimmer than a strand of a human hair are also revolutionising the nextgeneration ofWs, offering high contrast ratios, deep blacks and less power consumption. >> Read online