A NEW PERSPECTIVE We live in a world of constant and rapid change. New technology, new materials and young talent, among other factors, make our environments dynamic yet demanding. How, when and where we get news, information and inspiration continues to develop at a seemingly relentless pace. This is certainly happening in the spheres of architecture and interior design. Curating genuine quality and useful information among the clutter of data that confronts us daily is a role media can fulfil, but too often does not. Recognising this and the role Perspective can play are challenges we have considered as a publisher across multiple communication platforms, and will address further over the coming months, beginning with print. So, welcome to a new look for Perspective! This issue sees an evolution in both design and content. In recent months, we have had many conversations with architects and interior designers in Hong Kong with the objective of gaining a deeper insight into what content we can provide that is of most value to you, our audience. As a result, we are shaping detail that will become a reference point as well as a showcase for outstanding projects, selecting new developments and delivering insights into what inspires leading architects and other industry professionals in Hong Kong, the region and worldwide.  This global view from a Hong Kong vantage point is illustrated in this issue through the words of André Fu – whose understated yet hugely impactful design vision is garnering acclaim at home and abroad – and through studies of the urban planning-versus-budget challenges faced by landmark projects from the world's tallest tower-to-be in Jeddah to the multi-billion-dollar development of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Over the coming months we will continue our conversations and welcome feedback as Perspective continually strives to provide the most informative and informed content as part of this exciting industry.