Seeing the wood and the trees Mood-shifts happen all too often in the world of design; where once something was 'in', the next minute (as Heidi Klum might say), it's 'out'. Glass, marble and chrome are still massively popular interiors choices, but coming quietly back into vogue in a big way is wood… Warm and tactile, it appeals to our senses in a way which 'cold' stone, glass and metal can't. At PCube, a brand new brasserie and cocktail bar located in the Bergamo area of Milan, for example, renovations revealed the beautiful wooden 'bones' of the building (page 79), while at the Care Implant dentistry clinic in Sydney, a stubborn (and ugly!) structural column is disguised with a striking installation of oversized wooden 'blades' (page 82). Hong Kong-born British furniture designer Samuel Chan celebrates 20 years with limited edition releases of his most iconic wooden designs (page 76), Alexander Diem encases an entire Austrian villa in beautifully carved wooden panels (page 86) and in Delhi, Architecture Discipline transforms a tiny space into the captivating Paper Store with a clever use of wood (page 64). And don't miss our interviews with thought leaders Ian Carr of Hirsch Bedner Associates (page 94) and Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston (page 90)! • Find us on Instagram at @perspective_mag and click 'Follow'. PLUS: we're online with up-to-the-minute news and regular design updates at and as well!