Perspective founded the A&D Trophy Awards in 2004 to promote the best in architecture and design, and to recognise the dedicated teams behind extraordinary projects and designs. Fourteen years on, it has become one of the most significant and respected design awards in the region. This year, we decided to explore new territory with the first A&D China Awards to celebrate the booming design and architecture scenes in Greater China region, and hopefully to take the awards to another level. For the Pinnacle Award of the 15th edition of the A&D Trophy Awards, we wanted to celebrate the achievement of someone who has contributed extensively and notably to the industry, whose work is widely recognised, but who might not necessarily be a household name. The recipient, Ronald J Phillips, has a special bond with Hong Kong and has certainly made an outstanding achievement in design and architecture. Phillips worked as an architect for the Hong Kong Government in the 1950s and '60s and was responsible for such iconic buildings as City Hall, the Star Ferry Concourse, the Murray Building and the redevelopment of Kai Tak Airport Terminal. He told me personally that Hong Kong holds a very special memory for him and his three sons after his 13-year tenure. It couldn't be a better time to pay tribute to a professional who left such momentous footprints in Hong Kong half a century ago: the Murray Building, highly regarded for its energy efficiency, has been converted into the ultra-luxurious hotel The Murray, Hong Kong that opened earlier this year. Phillips was also one of 27 architects who founded the Hong Kong Society of Architects, which later became the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. We live in a fast-moving world where sharing is the new code of practice in the workplace. Office environments have advanced and evolved remarkably, and this issue devotes considerable coverage to co-working and the new shared-space office ecology that is gaining traction, particularly in Hong Kong and Asia. We decode the emergence of this global phenomenon of shared office spaces, examine its design, operation and many affiliated concepts and compile a round-up of major players in the local market. See you next month at the A&D awards. Get your tickets at