It takes all sorts In this issue of Perspective, we shine the spotlight on curves and angles in architecture and design. We've got both covered, as does the Casal Belaguer Cultural Centre in Spain, by Flores & Prat (page 54). A studied renovation of an ancient building, the architects preserved the old curves while bringing in new angles in a surprisingly happy marriage of contrasts. Over in West Flanders, a similar yet entirely different type of intervention into an old barn was necessitated by chemistry, of all things (page 77). No coverage of curves would be complete with a mention of Zaha Hadid, and we in fact feature her work twice: the Port House in Antwerp (page 26) and the Salerno Maritime Terminal in Italy (page 74). And don't miss our great interviews this issue, including Ajax Law and Virginia Lung of One Plus Partnership (page 82) and Calvin Tsao of New York City-based TsAO & McKOWN (page 90). • Have you got your tickets for our A&D Trophy Awards gala night on 9 November? Head over to and click on the link there for more details!