THE FINAL FRONTIERS In our interview with Vincent Ng, president of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (see page 84), he lists space as one of the biggest challenges facing architects in Hong Kong today. Forced to design within a very tight environment, the inevitable result is more vertical than horizontal buildings — and compounding the complexity of the situation are the territory's extremely stringent regulations, which he says often put limitations on creativity. Patience is also a key virtue, as sagely noted by Chi Wing Lo, architect, designer and past judge for Perspective's A&D Trophy Awards in 2013, who observes that good work doesn't just happen in a vacuum (see page 96). Of course, necessity is the mother of invention, and working in Hong Kong's highly challenging design and architecture sectors means only the most clever, the most ingenious, the most determined will succeed — Darwin's theory of evolution in action. • Are you a past 40 Under 40 winner? Please get in touch with us at with your contact details — we've got exciting news for the 10th anniversary this year, and you're included!