Design & Dine In Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, food is at the bottom of the pyramid, as a basic requirement for the survival of all creatures. That means us, too. Today, our demands for sustenance have become more sophisticated. Not only do we require delicious fare, we also expect restaurants to offer interiors as innovative as their cuisine. People feed Instagram before feeding themselves, capturing plates, cutlery, furniture and fixtures, before turning to the more immediate need of fuelling themselves. Cooking has long been a blend of art and science, but now more than ever those disciplines are being applied to where food is served. In Perspective's June issue, we take a look at a handful of restaurants and bars around the globe where design tops the menu, from the smallest of details to the grand schemes of big-name architects. The venues include Ashley Sutton's quirky Iron Fairies in Hong Kong, the newly renovated Grand Café at Hong Kong's Grand Hyatt, Lazy Cats Café in Bali, Brasserie at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, and Chinese restaurant Kitaika in Kiev. In our cover story, internationally renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma talks about his plans for the new Olympic stadium in Tokyo, his views on how architecture and nature can complement each other, and how Hong Kong can be a model for future cities. In our Architecture section, you'll discover that two developments — Quebec's cultural hub Amphithéâter Cogeco and Amsterdam's Smiley Zeeburgereiland Apartments — are nothing short of astonishing. Bon Appétit!