A cultural revolution Across the world, there is a move among architects and designers towards the reclaiming of culture, tradition, built heritage and social history. In Beijing, Ole Scheeren tips his hat to the city's famed hutongs in his design for the Guardian Art Centre (page 22). In Delhi, Archohm talks about the new Dilli Haat — folk markets — which are springing up across the city, providing a communal meeting point for residents (page 70). In Hong Kong, Groundwork Architecture + Urbanism infuses three Café de Coral Group outlets with design elements inspired by local eateries (page 53), and across the border in Shenzhen, NC Design & Architecture takes McDonald's on a bold step away from its trademark red-and-yellow towards a more culturally-relevant look for the mainland market (page 50). Call it rediscovered respect for the past, perhaps. Don't forget — we're online with up-to-the-minute news and regular design updates at and . And for all manner of visual delights, follow our @perspective_mag Instagram feed as well!