Season’s Greetings! The last month of the year is always an exciting time, not just because there is so much going on, but also because it holds the promise of a brand new year and all its possibilities. We have great plans which will be set in motion in 2016, so stay tuned for further updates (now’s the time to sign up for our biweekly e-newsletter if you haven’t already). In the meantime, this December issue is packed with homes from all around the world — if you’ve ever wondered how the other half lives, we’ve not only got Steve Leung’s Nanjing Mandarin Palace mansion in Beijing (page 36), but also a new London townhouse styled by none other than the ‘Queen of Cream’ herself, Kelly Hoppen (page 40). Giancarlo Zema’s WaterNest (page 58) and the Activhaus in Stuttgart (page 54) set the eco bar high, while conceptual proposals offer a fascinating glimpse into what could be — Spark’s Homefarm for Singapore seniors, for example (page 62), or Dror Benshetrit’s trio of highrises for New York City (page 79). All that and more just goes to prove the saying that there really is no place like home, no matter where it might be or what it might look like. • We’re online with up-to-the-minute news and regular design updates at and — and look for us on Instagram at @perspective_mag (don’t forget to click ‘Follow’) as well!