pm201604 Two steps forward, one step back This month, as we take a look at green design and architecture — from buildings and interiors to street furniture, products and even wall paint — we are heartened to see that being green is increasingly becoming part of the industry's DNA. At Make, for example, sustainability has driven its work from the start, and the architecture firm demonstrates that it practices what it preaches in the design of its new studio in London (page 78). The same can be said of Moira Moser, founder of her eponymous firm M Moser in Hong Kong (page 46) and Braams De Villiers and Andre Eksteen of South African practice Earthworld Architects (page 70), who told Perspective why being green drives them. But there is still progress to be made. As Joakim Cimmerbeck, owner of eicó Hong Kong, notes (page 58), convincing people about the benefits of being eco-friendly can be challenging, especially in Asia: "We've had discussions with some really big companies [in Hong Kong] who have sustainability policies, and they totally buy the concept and agree with the concept, but are largely reluctant to change."