Maison Moschino's fantasy world

by PHOEBE LIU on Sep 28, 2012 in Interiors , Lifestyle
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Developed from an 1840s neo-classical railway station on Milan’s Viale Monte Grappa, Maison Moschino invites you to realise your dreams and entertain your fantasies

Designed by the world-famous couture label, the typical language of fashion is applied to Maison Moschino, where it transforms the building and ambience into fanciful settings and surrealistic images which could have come out of a Lewis Carroll story. Here, fairytales provide a rich source of inspiration, coming to three-dimensional life via guest accommodations with names such as‘Alice’s Room’, ‘Life is a Bed of Roses’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

The brainchild of Moschino creative director Rossella Jardini in cooperation with art director Jo Ann Tan and the label’s creative team, the 16 different room designs weave fairytale with upbeat, optimistic reality. “When I enter, I feel as if I’m at home. Like all familiar places, its warm, welcoming atmosphere makes you feel protected,” Jardini explains. “I’d love to preserve it just as it is, as if it were an installation, but I know that, by nature, it is destined to change. And yet I believe it will never betray its origins.”

Jardini describes Maison Moschino as “completely unlike other hotels”, pointing also to the high-quality workmanship behind it. In the entrance hall, guests are immediately met by the Moschino staple lampshade dress, this time actually acting as a lamp. This interplay between architecture and fashion is visible throughout the hotel, offering the opportunity to experience a world built from the imagination, delving into surrealism.

Faithful to Moschino’s quirky love for surrealism, each guestroom evokes lush fantasies. In one, rose petals fall lightly from the chandelier while others cover the bed. In another, a ballgown drapes down from the headboard to cover the entire bed so it feels as though one really is sleeping inside the hem of a gown. The restaurant and the hotel’s bar are more directly inspired by the fashion house’s designs, with more lamps made of the curvaceous silhouettes of its dresses, small lights peppering the ceilings to look like precious clouds and a bar light created from a stiletto boot.

“We wish to be remembered as the initiators of a new, revolutionary hotel philosophy, not just as the owners of a bundle of successful leisure hotels,” says Stefano Ugolini, founder and president of Hotelphilosophy, the group responsible for Design Hotels members Palazzo Barbarigo in Venice and Leon’s Place in Rome, along with 12 other retreats in Italy. While several other Italian fashion houses – among them Armani, Versace, Krizia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bulgari and Missoni – have also opened their own hotel brand in recent years, Ugolini insists that Maison Moschino “shares little with the ‘fashion’ hotels”.

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