by Mavis Wong on Mar 26, 2012 in Interiors
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Hong Kong interior design firm One Plus Partnership translates the core building blocks of cinematic images into the design of Pixel Box

At Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema, the adventure begins way before the movie commences – as a matter of fact, it starts right after you’ve stepped across the threshold. Conceived by Ajax Lau and Virginia Lung from One Plus Partnership, the 8,835 sq-m space is full of surprises. We talked to the design team behind this avant-garde cinematic experience.

What was your inspiration?
Films are composed of images which are made up of tiny pixels. Therefore, the pixel – square in shape – is the basic element of an image. We explored the relationship between movement and pixels, which became the theme of the design.

Talk us through the distinctive arrival experience.
The concession counter and leisure area at the entrance are built in blocks of various heights, serving as cashier desks, food display cabinets serving counters, seats and tables. LCD screens are installed beneath the glass tops of the tables, playing trailers to draw people into the world of films – a warm-up for the theatre extravaganza.

The feature wall at the entrance is stunning…
It is made of undulating rectangular forms protruding from the wall, forming the words ‘Pixel Box’ – the name of the cinema. These structures also serve as seats and tables.

The box office seems like another ‘wow factor’. What’s the design about?
The grand hall features a curved envelope formed by over 6,000 pieces of reflective stainless steel panels. The envelope rises from an oval-shaped base to form a round top. In the centre, marble seats of various lengths, serving as a resting and waiting area, remind us of Tetris – a game we’re all familiar with.

How does lighting contribute to the ambience?
The reflection of light enhances the sense of infinite touch and space. People can see their own reflections in the mirrored stainless steel panels and have fun in this world of images.

How do other areas cohere with the pixel motif?
In the bookshop, we used the blocks for displays. In the children’s auditorium, the pixel is the core design concept – the olive green and grey carpet is in a custom pixellated pattern and the theme is utilised in the seating arrangement as well.