Cool customer

by TERESA CHOW on Aug 2, 2010 in Interiors
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Every colour has a purpose, and those chosen by Mark Lui for a fashion boutique tell a story about dreams flying high

In Hong Kong, where grubby apartment blocks boast extravagant names of grandeur – ‘mansions’ which are clearly not, or ‘vistas’ where there are none – it is unusual when something comes along which lives up to its name. Today Is Cool, a new boutique in the LCX Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, is one such place.

At LCX, hip, young fashion outlets gather, and Today Is Cool speaks with a more united, vibrant interior design language than its peers.

Founders Peter Chan and Serena Ho turned their passion for fashion into a career and started Today Is Cool not only to promote local designers, but to celebrate their ethos of ‘live for today’.

Mark Lui, a composer whose talents for interior design were recently unveiled with his concepts for Yan Gallery (Perspective, April 2010), once again demonstrates that for some, creativity can cross boundaries. Like an art director for a movie who not only brings an artistic vision to a project but also realises it, Lui incorporated the dreams of Chan and Ho into the store’s décor. With the clever use of a vibrant colour palette, Lui transformed what could have been a standard store into a space which is, quite simply, cool.

The L-shaped 2,000 sq-ft flagship store is divided into four zones – ‘Cool Dream’, ‘Cool Day, Sir’, ‘Cool Bear’ and ‘Cool Art’. Each space is set-off by colours – not chosen at random, but representing a unique attitude and approach to life.