by Suzanne Miao on Aug 12, 2014 in Interiors , Lifestyle
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Awkward Blooms, the botanical brand founded by Hong Kong designer Seven Tsang, recently collaborated with Café Yawn to decorate its new space with unique green creations

Located at Haven Street in Causeway Bay, keeping the over-crowded city centre at a safe distance, Café Yawn is an oasis for city dwellers — and now comes with additional oxygen provided by Awkward Blooms' designs.

Founded by Hong Kong designer Seven Tsang in 2013, Awkward Blooms loves, designs, creates and sells terrariums and plants. Housed in containers of a multitude of shapes, sizes and materials, the designed landscapes and plants are a reflection of the designer's imagination and aesthetics. "We start with creating with mosses, and evolve to plant arrangement, mini gardening, customised projects and much more," Tsang says.

As for Awkward Blooms' collaboration with Café Yawn, he points out that yawning is the body's call for more oxygen and to expel carbon dioxide. "It is this need for oxygen which brought about the collaboration Café Yawn… What's more relaxing than sipping a good coffee and reading a book in a nice little café decorated with beautiful green plants?"

The collaboration also takes Awkward Blooms to another level in botanical creation. As Tsang explains, "Awkward Blooms previously sold terrariums online. The creative process was rather one-way, meaning the customers would order if they like a specific piece, and there is not much communication with them. With Yawn, the experience is very different. It is a commercial space, and we needed to consider a lot of factors when we tailor-made the pieces, such as the coherence with the overall décor and style, the café owner's personal preference, and the practical convenience of taking care of the plants."

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