Product Design, 40 under 40, 2010

Adam Goodrum, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Adam Goodrum
Adam Goodrum Design, New South Wales

Born in Australia in 1972, Adam Goodrum studied industrial design at ID University of Technology Sydney, and is today one of the rising stars of Australian design.

In 2004, he won the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award and the following year introduced his projects for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair; he is now one of only three Australian designers to have been appointed by Italian brand Cappellini, with his 『Stitch' chair picked up and manufactured by them in 2008. 『Stitch' is now part of the permanent collection at the Philadepphia Museum of Art.

Other awards he has won include the Georg Jensen Belle Design Award, last year, while 『Stitch' scooped the prize for Best Furniture Product — Idea Awards 08.

Goodrum has also shown work in numerous exhibitions, including Freestyle and Workshopped, and has also plays the role of educator at UTS.

Heyman Poon and John Wong, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010 Heyman Poon and John Wong, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Heyman Poon and John Wong
Homeless, Hong Kong

Established in 2003, Homeless is one of Hong Kong's largest lifestyle stores, specialising in stylish, on-trend products ranging from furniture to small accessories, from original in-house designs to more than 30 international brands. With seven retail outlets in the territory and 19 wholesale outlets in major cities in mainland China and Taiwan, founders Heyman Poon and John Wong recently branched out into F&B with Homeless Basement, which quickly received acclaim for its original aesthetic.

Poon and Wong find inspiration in detailed life observations to produce furniture which can be easily integrated or re-arranged for creative combinations in the home. Poon studied spatial and interior design at Chelsea College of Art and went on to receive an MA in industrial design from Sheffield University, while Wong, who also serves as Homeless' operation director, trained as a product designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.

Jamy Yang Mingjie, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Jamy Yang Mingjie
Jamy Yang & Associates Design/Y-Town, Shanghai

Award-winning Shanghai-based designer Jamy Yang Mingjie boasts a collection of trophies ranging from the Red Dot Concept gold award, European Kitchen Cupboard Design silver award and Design For Asia silver award. He was also included in the Top Ten Excellent Young Chinese Designers.

Upon completing seven years of BA and postgraduate design training in China, he received a full scholarship in 2001 to study industrial design in Germany, after which he joined Siemens in a design role.

Jamy Yang & Associates Design was established in 2005, serving clients such as Greenpeace, Siemens and Albsolut Vodka. Two years later, design collective Y-Town was formed, with Yang becoming the design director of the company and promoting his philosophy of the three 『Re'concepts: Redesign of Oriental culture; Rethinking of modern life; Reuse of everyday materials.

Millicent Lai, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Millicent Lai
Shanghai Tang, Hong Kong

Millicent Lai was raised in Hong Kong and studied at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, from which she graduated in 1996 with a BA (Hons) in graphic design.

Lai practiced as a graphic designer for five years, working on various luxury hotel and restaurant projects. In 2001, she changed direction slightly, assuming a position as a product designer for Shanghai Tang. Her role allows her to create a wide range of products and to incorporate many strands of Chinese culture and aesthetics into each item.

Over the years, Lai has single-handedly built up the home products section for all of Shanghai Tang's 40 stores worldwide. Recently, she chartered new waters by designing the interior and furniture for the new Shanghai Tang Café in Xintiandi, Shanghai. She is presently the store's chief home and lifestyle product designer.

Nathan Liu Feng, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Nathan Liu Feng
PEP Designing, Beijing

Having graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design, Nathan Liu Feng has specialised in sculpture art research, landscape design, device art and in-depth, pan-urban phenomena surveys, where his artistic sense has become the main element shaping his design concepts.

With originality and simplicity guiding his design philosophy, Liu's Crystalized and Kidults series were praised not only for their outstanding physical form but also their optimistic spirit and imagination.

As the founder of PEP Designing, Liu has also witnessed the 『warm-up period' of contemporary art and design in China. As one of the founders of the China Furnishing Design Brand Alliance, he boasts an extensive influence in the sphere of household design in China.

Oki Sato, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Oki Sato
Nendo, Tokyo

Oki Sato is the talent behind quirky Japanese architecture, interior and product design firm Nendo. In 2002, soon after graduating from Waseda University with an MA in architecture, Sato established Nendo in Tokyo and launched the company's first work, a tea cup with a colour chart printed on its side so drinkers are able to match the hue of their tea to a colour on the cup's side — much like the Pantone colour charts used by designers worldwide.

This first instalment not only reveals the fun-spirited nature of the firm, but also clearly articulates its working ethos — to enhance people's everyday lives in unexpected and stimulating ways. Subsequent works in all fields continue this theme with lightbulb-shaped light switches, cage-shaped speakers, a lamp that opens and closes with light like a blooming flower and the interior design of a gym that includes a climbing wall made of mirrors and empty frames, just to name a few. The firm also frequently exhibits at museums and design fairs in Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

Wang Yang, Product Design, 40 under 40 2010
Wang Yang

Wang Yang's artistic talent began shining at the age of 10, when her drawings were exhibited in Florence. Training in art at both high school and college level in China, she shifted her career focus from art to design in 2007, setting up her own practice.

Taking on the role of design creator at Kiefenzapfen Design and founder of Yaang (a consumer label), she built her name in home product design and accumulated both worldwide recognition and design awards.

An extended period of working and living in Europe shaped her, open-minded design philosophy, contributing to her interest in experimenting in the mix-and-match of hard and soft, Western and Eastern styles.