Interiors / 40 Under 40 2014

Billy Ip, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Billy Ip
Woods Bagot

Hong Kong-born interior designer Billy Ip grew up in Melbourne and studied interior design at the RMIT University and was a finalist at the Hong Kong Young Design Talents Awards in 2012. He joined Woods Bagot in 2006 and was promoted to associate / leader of retail design in 2012. Ip has extensive design experience in leading and delivering lifestyle projects through Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Some of the projects he has worked on include Pudong Kerry Parkside, Shanghai, Henderson Metropoltian, Shanghai and Excellence Century Centre, Shenzhen. Ip is a regular contributor to global industry forums as speaker at international design and property conferences, including the 8th KinPan Real Estate Conference in Guangzhou and the Retail Space Forum in Shanghai, China. He is widely recognised in his specialised area of design innovation in integrated branded and lifestyle environments.
Carl Gouw, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Carl Gouw
ACTS Studio

Carl Gouw has been curious about spaces since the age of 10, and as a teenager, interned for the late renowned designer Simon Jackson. At the age of 20, he had the opportunity to design and renovate a few luxury apartments, later featured in Home Journal. To date, he has worked on over 40 residential, commercial and hospitality projects, some of which he co-designed with other firms. Apart from being a director of his family property company, Gouw is the principal of his design firm, ACTS Studio. From 2007-2011, Gouw co-designed serviced apartments ACTS Rednaxela with Edge Design Institute. Other projects include a luxury residence in Hong Kong; a boutique resort and restaurant in Bali, FC Residence; and an art installation and styling for Man Mo Café in Hong Kong. Gouw is also a director of Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, a frequent writer and has had articles published in various publications in Hong Kong.
Leslie Lam, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Leslie Lam
Primocasa Interiors

Founder and design di rec tor of Pr imocasa Interiors, Leslie Lam is a graduate of Ryerson University of Toronto, Canada, and has been involved in the interior design field for over 15 years. Lam considers design as a dream-making industry which will help everyone realise and make their dreams come true, echoing his design motto: 『Design improves the quality of life'. Lam has become known for his creative vision and the avant-garde expression in his designs. His distinct taste and sense of modernism enables him to specialise in creating spaces accentuated by themes of contemporary style and functionalism. His work masterfully redefines and enhances the quality of life. Prior to founding Primocasa Interiors, Lam worked for various design firms and developers, including including BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors, HBA and Cheung Kong Holdings.
Marcus Liu, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Marcus Liu
Lof 10

An interior designer based in Hong Kong, Marcus Liu graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, going on to earn a Master's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles as well as a doctoral degree in economics. After completing his studies, Liu joined Sartorialoft, an avant-garde fashion boutique based in Los Angeles, later moving in to interior design and visualization for the company at its Hong Kong location. Liu has since worked as an interior designer on office and apartment projects. In 2013, he founded Lof 10, a venue which combines a coffee bar with a gallery. His design philosophy emphasises the balance between the individual and the space, together with a southern Californian ambience and social culture. His work at Lof 10 was selected by the Hong Kong Design Center and was shortlisted for the Hong Kong Design Exhibition in Milan Design Week 2014 at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy.
Max Lam, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Max Lam
Moderne Design House

Max Lam launched Moderne Design House in 2004 and Owindo in 2008, focusing on interior design and lighting design respectively. His projects include villas on the Peak to a restaurant in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, as well as a dessert café in Mongkok and a 3,000 sq-ft office in Kwun Tong. Lam works according to the fundamental tenet that design improves the way we live and much of his success is based on a practice of combining client needs with professionalism, exemplified by the design philosophy of Moderne Design: 『Better home; better life'. Lam has also created 13 series of lighting designs, which have been exported to European and Asian markets. He has participated in a number of international fairs, such as the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair in 2006, 2007 and 2008, Light + Build Expo 2008 in Frankfurt and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2008 in New York.
Sinner Sin & Danny Ng, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014 Sinner Sin & Danny Ng, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Sinner Sin & Danny Ng
4N Architects

Co-founded and led by Sinner Sin and Danny Ng, 4N Architects is a design-driven architectural and interior design firm, which aims to promote Hong Kong architects and interior designers to the world. Sin and Ng first met at architecture school at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and both went on to gain their own design experience before they joined together to establish 4N Architects in 2009. Project references include architecture, adaptive reuse building design, commercial interiors of various scales, as well as participating in various international-level design competitions. Celebrated projects include Grappa's Ristorante at Hong Kong International Airport, Le Salon Croissanterie et Restaurant at Hysan Place, Café Deco restaurant at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and the Lao Sheung (HK JEBN) headquarters building façade and grand lobby design. 4N has been awarded internationally, including IIDA Global Excellence Awards (USA), Design is... Awards (USA), SBID International Design Awards (UK) and FX International Interior Design Awards (UK), among others.
Vincent Chiang, Interiors, 40 under 40 2014
Vincent Chiang
In Cube Design

Vincent Chiang's design philosophy is simple: to achieve balance between beauty, function and cost (including environmental). Born in Hong Kong, Chiang received a degree in interior architecture at Middlesex University London and went on to work in the R&D department of Steve Leung Designers after graduation. Leaving to co-found his own design firm, In Cube Design, Chiang has been a Professional Member of the International Interior Design Association and International Furnishings and Design Association since 2008. With more than 15 years' experience in interior design and project management, Chiang's strength is in space planning. He has handled over 300 interior design projects, including the series of Shanghai PoPo 360 and luxury houses in Hong Kong. If asked which is his favourite project, his reply is always 「the next one」.