Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40, 2011

Hei Yiyang, Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011
Hei Yiyang
Sense Team

Hei Yiyang's works are about branding, exhibition planning, environmental design and publishing. He devotes himself to putting different mediums like graphic design, contemporary art, advertising, architectural space, the city and society together, to make his works interesting, meaningful and valuable. In 1999, he formed Sense Team, now considered among the most energetic and farsighted collectives of global Chinese creative teams, with a focus on civility and sociality. His poster design 『Seeds of the Cities' won the Gold Award at the One Show in 2009.
Jesse McLin and Julie Progin, Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011 Jesse McLin and Julie Progin, Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011
Jesse McLin and Julie Progin
Latitude / Hong Kong

Jesse McLin and Julie Progin co-founded their Hong Kong-based design studio Latitude in 2008. Influenced by their American, Swiss and Hong Kong heritage, as well as their diverse backgrounds in design and arts, McLin and Progin create graphic and visual communication campaigns, as well as homeware collections and bespoke art pieces. Raised in Hong Kong by her Swiss parents, Progin studied textiles design at Duperré in Paris and product design at Parsons. In 2008, she came back to Hong Kong and established Latitude with McLin, who grew up in Northern California, studied in Kansas City Art Institute and Alfred State School of Ceramics Arts and taught at Parsons.
Ken Lo, Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011
Ken Lo

Hong Kong-born Ken Lo studied visual communications at the HKU Space Community College and graduated in 2005. He kicked off his career as a design intern for CoDesign, where he participated in various award-winning projects, including the PageOne removal campaign and the Hong Kong Art School revamp project. He joined Alan Chan Design Company in 2006, where, under Chan's guidance and support, Lo became involved in branding, identities, packaging and environmental graphic design projects which paved the way for the launch of his own practice in 2010, when Blow and Luckipocki (tote bag design) were established. He was also involved in the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design's Detour 2010.
Philip Lau and Grace Kwok, Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011 Philip Lau and Grace Kwok, Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011
Philip Lau and Grace Kwok

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Philip Lau and Grace Kwok co-founded Cowrice in 2003, specialising in various types of works, including leather goods-making, the design of handcrafted goods and illustration. The team's first publication — 『Capture the Fleeting Moments of Life' — captured bits and pieces of their everyday life. In 2008, Cowrice was invited by Lomography Asia to design the special edition Diana F+ camera for Diana Vignetters. Lau and Kwok are active participators in various local design events, such as Designer Exchange Programme at the Detour 2010 exhibition at Victoria Prison, and the recent We ・ My Chair Exhibition by Muji Hong Kong. Currently, they are working at Fungus Workshop providing courses in handmade leather.
Popil , Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011

Guangzhou-based independent cross-media illustrator Popil's creations are a symbol of modern Chinese illustration styles. Her skill in drawing, mixing different techniques and using colours to create multiple designs and characters are now a source of influence for others. The illustrator has also worked with many international brands, such as Evisu, Lotto, Nivea, Elle, Nescafe, Ogilvy, MTV, Swatch, Coach and Wieden+Kennedy. In late 2009, she collaborated with Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung to illustrate his short stories for the Chinese edition of his book Trivial Matters. In 2010, she published her first book of illustrations, Old Chinese Stuff.
Sonya Fu  , Graphic / New Media, 40 under 40 2011
Sonya Fu
Toxic Notion

Recently endorsed by Semi-Permanent 2011 as a 『new and notable' artist in Hong Kong, Sonya Fu's unique interpretation of everyday life has become her intrinsic inspiration. While inspired by dreams, music and the human condition fill her work with subtle messages, encouraging viewers to develop their own interpretations. Choosing digital painting as her medium of expression, her works, she says, can be disturbing for an audience: 「If my work manages to scare, sadden, excite or inspire people, then I am doing the right thing as an artist — to create and convey emotion.」 Fu received her training in Hong Kong from Design First in 2006.