Fashion Accessories / 40 Under 40 2015

Jennifer Mak, Fashion Accessories, 40 under 40 2015
Jennifer Mak
Founder and CEO, Jennifer Mak

Jennifer Mak’s love of luxury and design originates from years of travelling between Asia and North America. Having spent her formative years in New York City, Mak’s sense of style leans towards superior craftsmanship and timeless design. Mak’s eponymous collection is a line of luxury handbags crafted from exotic skins such as python, ostrich, lizard, stingray and crocodile. She draws her inspiration from the intense colours of nature, including coral and deep sea creatures. Mak’s brand signature also includes the use of Swarovski crystals as well as clutch clasps, braided leather and exposed stitching to further showcase the craftsmanship of each piece. With previous experience of working at Loro Piana and Hermès, Mak’s collection is sold in six countries around the world. In Hong Kong, the collection is carried by Edward Chiu at IFC.
Maggie Tse, Fashion Accessories, 40 under 40 2015
Maggie Tse
Co-founder, a o g p

Maggie Tse graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2002 with first class honours and went on build up a broad range of expertise in fashion design through working for various international fashion brands including Anteprima, agnès b and Fairton International Group In 2013, aiming to bring excitement and novelty to her customers, she established a o g p — which stands for ‘an on going project‘ — with the aim of providing unique fashion and accessories. Viewing design as a reflection of one’s experience and techniques, Tse is inspired by the past, believing that a o g p’s creations “will change our future. This design life cycle is an ongoing project.”
Six Lee, Fashion Accessories, 40 under 40 2015
Six Lee
Founder and chief designer, SixLee

Six Lee launched his eponymous brand in 2011, two years after becoming the first Chinese graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in Belgium. Based in Antwerp, his collection presented traditional British tailoring translated into clean cuts and sharp lines. Combined with soft colours, dreamy and boyish details, the unique silhouettes introduce a fresh new level with modern twists and new proportions, to make a bold statement on traditional tailoring. Describing himself as “overly romantic”, Lee finds inspiration in the most diverse genres of music and films. The same emotion he puts into writing poems or pressing flowers can also be felt in every single item of apparel he produces.
Tex Saverio, Fashion Accessories, 40 under 40 2015
Tex Saverio
Founder, TexSaverio

Indonesian-born and based couturier Tex Saverio founded his eponymous luxury couture line after graduating from Bunka and Phalie Studio in Jakarta. His fashion career officially started in 2010 through the label Tex Saverio Prive, which was oriented towards haute couture designs. Dramatic, theatrical and spectacular, Saverio’s rising popularity is fuelled by international celebrities who have worn his creations, including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence who, in her role in the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, wore a white gown with organza corset and stunning Swarovski crystal embellishments. After receiving the Inspiring People Award from HP in 2011 and cited being as the most talented young fashion designer at the Amica Indonesia Awards, Saverio launched his ready-to-wear label together with business partner Faye Liu. His keen eye in gauging the current marketplace, combined with his innate creative ability, provides the core to the growing success of the brand’s international positioning.