Fashion / Accessories / 40 Under 40 2013

ARIES SIN, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013
Mode Creation

A graduate from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Aries Sin produces only 100%-designed-in-Hong Kong fashion. The concept behind her own brand Modement lies in the triangular qualities of 『unisex', 『simple' and 『neat', and she has created themed collections inspired by the Hong Kong culture — clothes, food, home and travel. While interning at Peclers Paris in France, she determined that her mission was to bring Hong Kong's fashion to the international stage.
EILIDH HO, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013
Doe Eye Design and Book of Deer

Born in Edinburgh to a Scottish mother and Chinese father, Eilidh Ho studied fashion at Central Saint Martins. On an internship at Anna Sui in New York, her drawing skills were noticed, and she continues to design T-shirt artwork for the label. After graduating, she spent a year working for a British high street label before returning to Hong Kong to establish Doe Eye Design and Book of Deer, which was quickly picked up on the blogosphere and is now stocked in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and the USA.
JANKO LAM, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013

Janko Lam started her career as a costume designer at Hong Kong broadcaster TVB. In 2010, she co-founded the label Mutt Museum with Arkoo Koo, with a focus on sustainability. The following year, she won the EcoChic Design competition for Asia, organised by Redress, a Hong Kong-based charity organisation that drives environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Lam has also created a recycled textile capsule collection for Esprit in Hong Kong.
KAIN PICKEN & FIONA LAU, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013 KAIN PICKEN & FIONA LAU, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013

Fiona Lau initiated the collaborative art and design project ffiXXed with artist Kain Picken in Berlin in 2009, focusing on the production of a bi-seasonal prêt a porter fashion label, alongside a range of other art and design-related activities. They worked in Berlin, New York and Melbourne before establishing a permanent office in Hong Kong and an in-house production studio in Shenzhen. Exploring a geographically diverse and multidisciplinary approach to design, they often use fashion to frame a wider discussion about new possibilities for the production and consumption of contemporary culture.
KENNY LI, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013

Award-winning designer Kenny Li's work spans installations, visual design and couture, specialising in glamour and a unique combination of graphic elements and fabric prints. He established Fave and launched a 『collar collection', a creative sustainable accessory line. Many of his works have been acquired by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum as part of its permanent collection.
LAI WING MAN, Fashion / Accessories, 40 under 40 2013

LWM (Lai Wing Man), a Lifestylist, can be described as an alchemist of the style of living. His motto, 『Style is Gold', emphasises the value of finding and celebrating the quintessence within each element in life, in fashion, lifestyle, space, etc. As it is with the science of alchemy, LWM's work requires a delicate balance that brings about a transmutation to enhance the underlying basic essences into something greater. The process calls for active interaction with each project; through synergy, a chemical reaction happens, the elixir of life created, and each venture develops into an absolute embodiment of what it truly is.