Art / 40 Under 40 2014

Aidan Li, Art, 40 under 40 2014
Aidan Li

Aidan Li graduated from the College of the Arts in University of Sydney in jewellery and metalwork in 2006, and was one of the graduates selected nationwide for the annual New Design 2006 survey exhibition held at the Object Gallery and the Melbourne Museum. That same year, Li founded Gaffa Gallery in Sydney, which he still maintains in addition to cultivating his own contemporary jewellery practice and the Easy-Pack Industrial Building in Hong Kong. Easy-Pack has become a place where art and culture are able to thrive, with multiple businesses residing within an unassuming industrial building. Besides these projects, Li started Trends'On magazine in 2011 and has been involved in the curating of different art and culture projects such as Detour 2012 and Clockenflap Art Village in 2013.
Danny Liu, Art, 40 under 40 2014
Danny Liu

Visual artist Danny Liu was raised in Australia for most of his adolescence. His passion focuses on realising a simple yet complicated form of art through the mediums of traditional and contemporary ink, wi th an in-depth appreciation of Chinese ink paintings. Having followed masters such as Hung Hoi and Leung Kui Ting, from whom he acquired the finest techniques and theories, his attainments — a diploma in Chinese painting from HKUSpace (2008), an art specialist course in ink painting at HKVAC (2009), a diploma in visual art education from Renmin University of China, Beijing (2010) and a Master's degree in fine art at RMIT (2013) — also refined his perceptions on creating art. Liu is now exploring aesthetics and concepts beyond ink, material and tools, and has given Chinese painting workshops at City University, Hong Kong, since 2008, as well as private and individual art workshops.
Desmond Leung, Art, 40 under 40 2014
Desmond Leung

Desmond Leung is a visual artist interested in fine art and new media. He is devoted to pushing the boundaries of contemporary aesthetic s by merging painting, ink art, moving images and new media into a time-based art form. Leung's work has been exhibited at various art shows in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Poland, Korea and Singapore. These include the Chanel Digital Art Program 2012 (worldwide), Hong Kong International Art Fair, Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Eastpak Artist Studio Exhibition, October Contemporary (Hong Kong), Resfest (Australian for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia), Get It Louder (China) and more. Leung's new research is inspired by metaphysics, nature, the universe, the human body, spirituality and oriental philosophy. His style links shan shui with lyrical abstractions under a new-media approach.
Margaret Chu, Art, 40 under 40 2014
Margaret Chu

Focusing on creating lively artworks through ordinary materials such as paper and plastics, Margaret Chu specialises in environmentally-friendly materials to produce large-scale paper sculptures. Her works combine fairytale imagination and the reality of social conditions, aiming to exploring the ideal world for all mankind. After earning a Bachelor's degree from the fine arts department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chu gained in-depth experience in the creative fields of design, art creation, and art administration. Recently, she has been busy teaching art to children and making her own sculptures. She believes that, through these endeavours, her ultimate goal in creation will be achieved, which is to seek a better future for all mankind.