Art, 40 under 40, 2011

Adrian Wong , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Adrian Wong
Embassy Projects

Adrian Wong received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Yale University in 2005, after originally training as a psychologist. He moved to Hong Kong where he co-founded Embassy Projects, an independent production studio and art consultancy firm. Last year, he took part in exhibitions all over the world, including This Is Hong Kong in Taipei; Fax in New York; Ursual Bickle Archiv Programme in Vienna; City as Play in Tokyo; and Place in Berlin. In 2008, he received the Bank of Contemporary Chinese Art Emergent Artist Index award and was a lecturer for the fine arts department at the Chinese University last year. From 2009 to 2010, he lectured at the department of art at the University of California.
Amy Cheung, Art, 40 under 40 2011
Amy Cheung

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Amy Cheung was chosen to represent Hong Kong at the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 and received the Outstanding Young Artist Award in the visual arts category from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in the same year. In 2010 she was awarded the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council and selected as the Unesco-Aschberg Laureate by Unesco's International Fund for the Promotion of Culture. Recent notable exhibitions include last year's The Face Machin, Open 13 in collaboration with the Venice Film Festival in Lido, Italy; and Happy Prince in Bangkok. Cheung is a part-time lecturer at the fine arts department of the Chinese University.
Florian Ma , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Florian Ma

Florian Ma made his name with a solo exhibition titled Gene, in which he presented 30 large-scale paintings, sculptures, neon lights, videos and music inspired by aesthetics, history and life. Last November, he turned Hong Kong's K11 Art Mall into a playground via vivid visuals to interpret how the world evolves through processes of life, growth and reproduction. Influenced by cartoons, animation and comic books, Ma embarked on further studies at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, after obtaining a Master's degree in fine art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In 2009, he received the LVMH Young Creative Artists Award, and his video Les Demoiselles de Avignon was among the finalists at the 2009-2010 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award.
Huang Kai , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Huang Kai

Born in 1984 and a graduate of the Xian Academy of Fine Arts, Huang Kai's comic-panel colour woodcut prints, in an illustration style popular in early 20th century Chinese comic books, evoke Beijing street scenes of the 1980s. While depicting carefree playtime with friends in long-vanished alleyways, his work also describes and comments on the social backdrop of the 『80s. Huang has participated in a range of shows, including the 2006 Triptych Art Exhibition Time, Space & I, a UK-Germany-China collaboration, in Beijing. His works were also housed in the China National Art Museum in 2009 and featured in Jiangsu Painters Journal and China Collection magazine.
Keith Lam , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Keith Lam

Keith Lam, aka TheDemos, is the leader of new media art collective Dimension+ and visiting lecturer at Hong Kong's School of Design, Hong Kong PolyU and the Hong Kong Art School. He is also an electronic musician, as well as technical director and consultant with the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. In 2007, Lam's Moving Mario earned him an Honorary Mention at the Arts Electronica 2008 in the interactive arts category, widely considered 『the Oscars of new media arts awards'. Inspired by TV games, the interactive installation explored the relationship between TV game players and the game. Lam was also the recipient of the Young Artist Award in the film a media arts category of the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2008.
Nosigner, Art, 40 under 40 2011

Tokyo-based Nosigner originally studied architecture and has also designed furniture which has been exhibited at events such as 100% Design. He believes the most important qualities of design are intangible, and are about the way users feel or the intent by which the design is produced. With diverse and original installations at design shows around the globe, his highly conceptual works encourage debate about environmental issues, the aesthetics of digital design and social issues. In 2007, his Tacticicle art installation featured a huge icicle made from clingwrap, while lighting and sound effects transformed the space into a freezer. The work won a silver at the Design for Asia Award. Many of Nosigner's other works have achieved international acclaim, with more than 30 design awards under his belt.
Sarah Tse  , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Sarah Tse

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2009, Sarah Tse developed a unique visual language with the most basic of tools — pencil and paper. Her fantasy-themed drawings are paradoxes inspired by childhood memories, travels and dreams, producing a fragile, nostalgic, timeless and sometimes disturbing ambience. Through her sketches, Tse manipulates the meaning and complexity of objects, changing the way the world is interpreted. Objects appear in her works are always contradictive — soft animal skin complement ceramic tea cups, modern buildings are juxtaposed with old telephones, living plants are compared with man-made machines. A winner of the Jealous Print Prize 2009, Tse has exhibited in cities such as London, Manchester, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and Taipei.
Xia Junna  , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Xia Junna

Chinese artist Xia Junna graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. Regarded as this era's representative painter, she was the youngest artist participating at the 20th Century China Oil Painting Exhibit in 2000 and has taken part in numerous shows since then, including her 『Harvest of Life' exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum in 2005. Xia's talent was first discovered by her father. After the family moved to the coastal city of Weihai, Xia studied traditional Chinese painting under Cong Jianzi and in 1989, became one of Shen Ling's first students — Shen is widely considered an important representative of China's 『New Generation' painters. The experience influenced Xia's work, which is populated with bold flowers and figures, and vibrant colour.
Yang Yong-liang  , Art, 40 under 40 2011
Yang Yong-liang

Trained in traditional Chinese art and calligraphy, Shanghai-based Yang Yong-liang produces works which juxtapose images of modern, urban life with traditional Chinese ink painting forms. When seen from a distance, the works appear as conventional ink paintings. On a closer observation, the natural landscapes are in fact composed of numerous tiny modern city views, such as scenes of construction sites, cranes, traffic signs and flyovers — Yang deliberately uses these contradictions to achieve visual balance and poetic harmony. Yang's works are included in the collections of prominent museums around the world, including The British Museum in London, the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne and the Nevada Art Museum in Reno.
Yasuhiro Suzuki, Art, 40 under 40 2011
Yasuhiro Suzuki

Yasuhiro Suzuki studied design at the Tokyo Zokei University, graduating in 2001. That year, he also won the NHK Digital Stadium Grand Prix Award for his Perspective of Globe-Jungle, an installation utilising a revolving, spherical jungle gym for children. In 2010, he created The Zipper Ship motorboat, which looks like a giant zip — an idea he had been working for the past seven years. As the vessel speeds through the water between Takamatsu and Megijima, it creates an image of the sea 『opening up' in the same way that a zip is unfastened. Suzuki's works have been displayed in museums and exhibitions across Germany, Spain, Israel, Austria and Italy. He is currently researching basic technology for creating digital public arts at the University of Tokyo.