Architecture / 40 Under 40 2014

Billy Kwan, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Billy Kwan
The Oval Partnership

A graduate of the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, Billy Kwan joined the Oval Partnership in 2010 as research development planner, focusing on researchbased urban projects in Hong Kong and mainland China. He is a curator of Very Hong Kong (VHK), a non-profit foundation newly founded by Chris Law and Margaret Brooke. VHK promotes community-led creative use of public spaces around Hong Kong, and Kwan has been actively advocating community and building consensus among urban stakeholders, including local artists/designers/musicians, local residents, NGOs, relevant government departments and the private sector for the VHK 2013 events in public spaces around Kwun Tong, Wanchai and Central. He is also a researcher and writer of Urban Diary, an interactive web-based account of interviews with a diverse range of people in the communities of Hong Kong, investigating their collective views on what a sustainable Hong Kong is.
Cristina Wakamatsu, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Cristina Wakamatsu
LW Design Group

With a range of work of great depth and breadth — encompassing masterplans, mixed use to residential villas — Cristina Wakamatsu's work is distinguished by a clarity and consistency of thought and diversity of expression. An integral member of LW Design Group, she promotes design within the practice and to promote the practice locally and abroad. She graduated in Brazil and began her career in Japan where she developed her skills on the efficient use of resources and attention to detail. Since then, Wakamatsu has worked in Milan, London and Dubai along with renowned architecture practices. She is passionate about good design and is always in search for innovation and inspiration. Her strong appreciation for local culture gives each project its own identity. Major projects she has worked on include the Taj Hablab boutique hotel in Syria, the Jumeirah Beach Tower and City Walk in Dubai, as well as the Lintang Resort in Bali, Indonesia.
Daipu, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Daipu Architects

Daipu established Daipu Architects in 2010 with his first project, having previously worked for Beijing-based architects MAD and participated in the Hutong Bubble cityrenewing project. He has also participated in various high-rise complex projects, including Chongqing Forest, Taichung Convention Centre and Tianjin Sino-Stell Building. In 2009, he took the responsibility to design and execute the Capital Urban Planning 60th Anniversary Exhibition at Bird's Nest in Beijing. Before 2008, he worked at two studios: Node by Liu Hang and Limi ted Design by Wang Hui, participating and implementing a rich variety of art and public projects. In 2013, Dai Pu was invited to attend the West Bund Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art and the Palace of China — Architecture China 2013 exhibition in Segovia, Spain — the opening exhibition of the Hay Festival.
Gao Yan, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Gao Yan
dotA Architects

As a co-founder of dotA, Gao Yan pushes the boundaries of architectural discipline with the insight of contemporary practice and cutting-edge computational means. His architectural design responses are nurtured by inter-disciplinary network thinking in social, economic, environmental, political, professional and technical dimensions. His pragmatic design research methodologies integrate theories, techniques and Chinese philosophy into practice, addressing architectural value and performance in the global and local context. In addition to his teaching position at The University of Hong Kong, Gao has been appointed as programme director for a number of international architectural design workshops in Asia since 2007, including the AA Beijing Visiting School and Digital Practice Summer Programme at HKU. Gao's projects and articles have been widely published in China, which won him the role of co-curator for the Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Architecture 2012 and Associative Public Forum in London, and curator for the Digital Making China Exhibition, 2013 DADA Digital Infiltration.
Joshua Lau, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Joshua Lau
Tetra Architects & Planners

Joshua Lau graduated from UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture. He was curator for the China/HK Pavilion at the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2006, and pioneered a Hong Kong vision on the global scene with the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Hong Kong Arts Development Council for the very first time. The project received recognition at the HKIA Annual Awards in the same year. Lau has led a number of significant projects in China, and taught at various universities prior to co-founding Tetra with his partners in 2011. He has lectured on the realm of culture and architecture, and completed a portfolio of works including commercial developments, revitalisation, interiors, boutique hotels as well as public furniture. Lau defines production of architecture as a meta-modern process of curatorship. He was appointed executive curator for the Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (UABB HK) in 2013, focusing on culture.
Pok Kobkongsanti, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Pok Kobkongsanti
TROP: Terrains + Open Space

As a landscape architect, Pok Kobkongsanti heads up a team of designers and construction supervisors at TROP. A Harvard Graduate School of Design graduate, Kobkongsanti has an affinity for natural materials, favouring stone, wood, water, light and sound. This fondness is evident in the firm's projects, ranging from resorts and residential communities, to sculptures and sustainable projects. Born in Thailand in a Chinese family, at 16, he enrolled in the Landscape Department, Chulalongkorn University. After graduation, he worked with Bill Bensley and in 1998 went to Harvard GSD to achieve a Master of Landscape and Urban Design, later working at Hargreaves Associates for four years. In 2007, Kobkongsanti founded TROP, where the principal is to 『custom-make' all the projects, to design a garden unique for each of their sites. This year, Kobkongsanti is ranked as one of the Top 10 Landscape Architects in the World by the Landscape Architects Network website.
Tony Yau, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Tony Yau
LWK & Partners Architects

Prior to his graduation from University of Hong Kong, Tony Yau had been working for Gary Chang of Edge Design Institute and won the Grohe Asian Design Award 1997 for his participation in Yaumatei Broadway Cinematheque project. He joined LWK in 2001 and has since accomplished various signature projects in Hong Kong and China, including 11-12 Headland Road (HK), which was ranked second in Asia's most Luxurious Residence by Sina China 2013; The One (HK), which was honoured with China Architectural Media Award in 2010; and the Amethyst (Shanghai), which was the Gold Prize competition winner recognised by Architectural Society of China in 2012. Yau has been fascinated with the classical tradition, both eastern and western, since his college days. This quest for the modern/traditional reunion has been a recurring leitmotif in many of his small scale clubhouse or visitors' centre projects.
Travis Bunt, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Travis Bunt
Urbanus Hong Kong

Travis Bunt is the design director of Urbanus Hong Kong, managing the international design team. Since he joined Urbanus in 2011, he has led the design for large-scale urban developments across China, organised interdisciplinary workshops and exhibitions, and pushed forward extra-architectural experimentation through the Urbanus Research Lab platform in Hong Kong. Urbanus collaborated with Colin Fournier last year to host the Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in Hong Kong, where Bunt served as the executive curator in charge of design. A former officer in the US Navy's Civil Engineer Corps, Bunt has worked on military-led reconstruction efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans, run a fabrication shop staffed by Afghan carpenters, mentored the Afghan Army on regional facilities planning and management, and supervised the full catalogue of work rehabilitating the Navy port and shipyard facilities at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He also currently teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Zhao Yang, Architecture, 40 under 40 2014
Zhao Yang
Zhaoyang Studio

Yang Zhao established Zhaoyang Studio in 2007, working closely with Standardarchitecture, a leading new generation design firm, in Beijing, for the first three years. In 2010, Zhao attended the Harvard Graduate School of Design where he received a Master's degree in architecture with distinction. Among his several built works, the Niyang River Visitor Centre in Tibet, completed in collaboration with Standardarchitecture, has received international acclaim as a project that successfully transforms the natural landscape and creates a unique sense of place. Also in 2010, Zhao won the 2010 WA Chinese Architecture Award from Beijing-based World Architecture magazine. Zhaoyang Architects explores architectural solutions to emerging Chinese urban conditions. In 2012, Zhao was selected as the inaugural architectural protégé of the acclaimed Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Under the direction of his mentor Kazuyo Sejima, Zhao designed Home-for-All in Kesennuma to help victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.