Origami-inspired architecture by Lacime Architects

by on Mar 15, 2019 in Architecture , Perspective Promotions , Top Story
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Wenzhou's new gem – the new Wenzhou Central Park Cultural Club by Lacime Architects is strikingly original, and origami-inspired

Award-winning Chinese practice Lacime Architects has completed the Wenzhou Central Park Cultural Club project in Zhejiang Province, a 1,753sqm (19,000sqf) space that has become a new cultural landmark. The site is the latest addition to Sanyou Road in the city's Lucheng District.

With innovative design cues at every turn, the project is a fine example of 21st-century modernity

The design was led by chief architect Song Zhaoqing, with a team that included Chi Ziyuan and Guo Dan. The project, for Zhejiang Zhe'nan Vanke Real Estate company, will play a role in nurturing culture in the fast-developing city; it is also intended as a multi-functional and community-oriented venue – an 'urban living room' for Wenzhou's inhabitants.origami-inspired architecture by Lacime Architects图片2The scheme's long, narrow site is surrounded by high-rise residential buildings but is also adjacent to a park – factors that shaped the initial design brief. In order for the development to fit seamlessly into the surrounding city without compromising aesthetics, the architects proposed a building inspired by the art of origami – particularly the unusual bends and angles that characterise the craft. The site's exterior seeks to blur the boundaries between walls, roofs and other architectural elements, while the 'skin' of the building and curtain-wall design lend the space lightness and fluidity.

Other features include an opening that can be closed by use of a 10m-long cantilever mechanism. The city's urban landscape acts as a backdrop to the site's courtyard, which in turn draws the attention to the building's interior spaces.origami-inspired architecture by Lacime Architects_DSC408310In addition to the solid wall feature that runs across the building's west side, a secondary structure has been built using steel and a curtain-wall joist; the architects also employed a glass curtain-wall facade and an unconventional aluminium roof, which includes a lattice column section. As a result, the visually dynamic structure brings transparency and natural light to the interior spaces.

The lattice features of the exterior are matched in the interior

The interiors, with an easy spacial flow, have an average height of 10m and include eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient air-conditioning. The lattice features of the exterior are matched in the interior, particularly the line-patterned ceilings that are likely to capture visitors' attention, especially in the reception and open exhibition areas. The interior direction of the location was courtesy of Le Shang Decoration Design Engineering company.

With innovative design cues at every turn, the project is a fine example of 21st-century modernity. It was completed in mid-2018.56

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