by Sophie Cullen on Nov 23, 2015 in Architecture
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Sitting on the 26th floor of QRE Plaza in Hong Kong’s Wanchai district, MyHouse has recently opened to rave reviews, in part thanks to its combination of thoughtful interior and spatial design by Hong Kong’s Minus Collective

A passion project conceived by sommelier Alison Christ, a long time House music fan, the restaurant/wine bar seeks to cater to creative people looking for a home away from home. Christ tasked long-term friend Mohamad Ghamlouch of design and research studio Minus Collective with the role of transforming the space into a venue with multiple capabilities, as she wanted it to be used as art space as well as a dining location.

MyHouse Interiors-4827

“My experience is actually in designing large scale projects,” says the Ghamlouch, “so, this was a great experiment for me.” Originally from Lebanon, the designer has worked on a multitude of projects across the globe including Dubai and China.

The firm was able to cater to the owners’ needs by creating a layout that allows for diverse functionality. The implementation of an island bar in the centre of the space, not only added a focal point, but also allowed 24 extra chairs to be easily stored away below, so as not to encroach on precious dance floor area. Tables were created that allude to the form of a wine barrel, and chairs were then crafted to sit inside these, essentially acting as space saving devices for the restaurant.

MyHouse Interiors-4897 (1)

There were a number of constraints that needed to be worked within during the planning of the restaurant, not least of which was the location on the 26th floor. “We wanted to have a single dining table in one piece in the private dining area, but it wasn’t until we got on site that we were able to see that the lift would not allow that,” notes the designer. The situation was remedied by bring the table in two pieces and then putting it together on location.

MyHouse Interiors-4835

Working within the constraints of Hong Kong’s highly stringent building regulations, fake beams were created out of wood-like material to hide cables and pipes on the roof. Moving away from a completely raw feeling of many industrial spaces, Ghamlouch wanted to reflect the warehouse-like locations where many of the original House parties were held, yet he also wanted to inject the colourful personality of the owner. A palette of deep reds, earth greens and rich brown remedy this disparity and create a welcoming atmosphere inside the restaurant.


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