Hospital of the Sea by Ian+

by Sophie Cullen on Aug 4, 2015 in Architecture
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(Photo by Mario Ferrara)

(Photo by Mario Ferrara)

Experimental Italian architecture firm IaN+ has recently unveiled the new entrance hall and reception area of the Hospital of the Sea in Naples

Accessed by a public square that connects the hospital with the city, visitors are greeted by a large round structure with exterior surfaces clad in coloured panels of  fibre-reinforced concrete and glass. This entrance hall exploits the circular form by giving the illusion of a larger space, which then leads to a multitude of functional areas and paths. The entire volume is divided into three floors with coloured light of blue and green filling the interior through the curtained glass outside.

Image-IAN -OSPEDALEDELMARE-54700-PH_MFP_4097_photoMarioFerrara

(Photo by Mario Ferrara)

The square that adjoins the entrance hall uses industrial paving with a resin coating and “green Alps” pebbles to help create a sort of artificial landscape. Benches, trees and metal shelters emerge throughout, making the area completely functional for family members, visitors and staff. The connecting hospital is currently under construction with no news on when it is slated for opening.


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