Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing celebrates half a decade

by on Mar 2, 2019 in Architecture , Interiors , Perspective Promotions
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India's Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing celebrates half a decade, with more than 3,000 creative minds gathering for the latest Mumbai edition

A lavish inauguration attended by distinguished architects and designers marked the start of the 5th Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing (FOAID). The Mumbai edition drew more than 3,000 key figures from around the world and was a networking platform to exchange ideas and inspire those attending. The festival's Design Arena was an opportunity for visitors to witness art and furniture installations designed by students, while renowned architects and designers showcased more than 250 built, un-built and ongoing national and international projects.(L-R)Salil Ranadive, Seema Puri, Zubin Master, Sohrab Dalal, Ravindra Punde, Nitin Killawala during panel siscussion India's Festival of Architecture and Interior DesigningThe conference included keynote addresses, presentations, panel discussions and competitions, spread across two days. A range of panel discussions centred around the theme 'Time to Re:Imagine'. They covered a wide span of topics, from a highly interactive session on the issue of fees in the industry to a light-hearted dialogue focusing on design as a visual spectacle; eminent designers including Naresh Narasimhan, Tony Joseph, Yatin Patel, Tony Kunnel, Asha Sairam, Fahed Majeed and many more delivered inspiring presentations. The topics for the conference were conceived to encourage delegates to raise questions and initiate conversations: Design Manthan at FOAID proved to be an excellent opportunity for all delegates to mingle with key designers.

Naresh Narasimhan from Venkataramanan Associates, Bengaluru spoke on the topic of 'Spaces Between Buildings/Buildings between spaces'. He drew attention to the growing number of first-class structures planted among poorly planned streets, asking, 'What makes a city?' It is not the landmarks, destinations or the culture, he said, but the people. However, with no regard to well-planned pedestrian access, people are being denied what a city might really offer.(L-R) Harsh Boghani (Interior Residential Apartment), Arun Tilak (Architecture Commercial) receiving award for Architecture Ideas 4.0FOAID commenced its first panel discussion, 'A chat over the state of the profession' with Nitin Killawala, Ravindra Punde, Seema Puri, Sohrab Dalal and Zubin Master joining moderator Salil Ranadive. They discussed a series of related topics, such as the role of the designer as the main visionary and the extent of their professional and moral obligations. Talking about how an architect might appear to a client, Killawala pointed out that just a fraction of the population are clients, yet more than 80 percent of civil projects are commissioned by government and infrastructure bodies, affecting everybody. He stressed the need for better communication and an exchange of ideas.

FOAID's award ceremony for the winners of various categories, namely Expressions, Creative Minds Next, and the Wood is Good Design Competition among others featured a host of promising talent. Berger Architecture Ideas 4.0 was conducted with the aim of nurturing young architects and designers. The participants presented in nine categories under the headings of Architecture and Interior Design. Amruta Daulatabadkar (Interior Hospitality Restaurant / Lounge Bar), Harsh Boghani (Interior Residential Apartment), Favas Mohammad K (Architecture Commercial) were winners in their respective categories.

Without doubt, the 5th edition of FOAID once again proved to be a success, weaving together a varied set of activities and events that educated and entertained all who attended. The event will again celebrate the world of design at the end of the year.(L-R) Hameeda Sharma, Prasad Badle, Minnie Bhatt, Ritu Goregaoker, Sumessh Menon, Sunil Gambani during jury session

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