Designs for China's tallest building unveiled

by on Jan 21, 2019 in Architecture , News
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Details of the winning design for China’s tallest building – the Shinmao Shenzhen Hong Kong International Center – have been unveiled by firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) announced its competition win for the Shimao Shenzhen Longgang Master Plan and the associated tower, Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center. The tower is set to become China’s tallest building upon completion.

"The Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center is anthropomorphic in its character, representing and honouring [sic] in an abstract way the athletes that train and struggle to have the opportunity to perform in the world-class stadiums, arenas, and natatorium directly adjacent to and integrated into the overall AS+GG master plan for this project," said AS+GG Design Partner Adrian Smith, FAIA.

"In this way, it adds a subtle layer of contextualism to the activities that these performance spaces contain. The result is a muscular expression in high-performance glass with layers of texture that define the elements of its shaped form. At the towers top will be a spectacular performance space combined with one of the world's highest observation experiences, which will bring tourists to the tower for the stunning views of Shenzhen and keep them coming back for programmed performances and entertainment experiences."

The mixed-use district that surrounds and connects with the tower contains a five-star hotel, offices, and conference facilities

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill worked as the Design Architects of the project and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture as the Design Firm for the project. It has been envisioned as one of the tallest towers in the world, at approximately 700 meters, and will serve as a symbolic icon for the new district. The tower's top will house one of the world's highest observation decks and additional club facilities, including a restaurant, a night club, spa services, and a grand swimming pool.Shenzhen Hong Kong International Center_China's tallest buildingThe mixed-use district that surrounds and connects with the tower contains a five-star hotel, offices, and conference facilities. A major retail facility defines the northeast corner of the site, while a community of apartment towers occupies the northwest section. The master plan integrates a dynamic new public realm that combines cultural and retail programs anchored by a cultural center and a main library. Programmed venues have open and enclosed spaces for recreation, leisure, tourism, art, dining, and social gatherings. Beautifully landscaped promenades connect patrons and visitors to every aspect of the activity.

Water management was particularly important when designing the site. Shenzhen is known for heavy rains and flooding during the summer months, so it was crucial that the site can manage 100% of a 100-year storm event. Landscape features are designed to manage heavy rainfalls using engineered soils, retention ponds, native plants, and foliage as a network of systems that will recycle the rain water for irrigation and other uses.Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center_1

Photos: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

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