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Rising stars

There’s no doubt that the architecture and design scene in China has matured greatly of late, and that some of the projects underway there, or recently completed, are not only world class, but also breathtaking in both scale and execution. Such endeavours are not restricted to high-rise, show-stopping developments in first- and second-tier cities, but also include projects that both celebrate and preserve China’s remarkable natural beauty and historical heritage. In this issue, we take a look at the innovative structure built to protect centuries-old rock carvings at Qianfoya Cliffs in Sichuan. We also visit Guilin Wanda Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center in Guangxi, our cover story. And as part of our focus on China, we feature seven leading design talents in the country, and showcase some of their recent works.

But we’re not solely concerned with developments north of the border. We include some exciting developments in Thailand, Bali, London, Tokyo and Paris. We chat to a rug designer based in Kuala Lumpur whose creations are works of art in themselves, and to an interior designer in Hong Kong responsible for a particularly innovative office space, one that draws heavily on popular culture for inspiration.

In May, Perspective presented the 11th edition of its annual 40 Under 40 Awards, where 40 young talents from the fields of architecture, interior design, art and product design were recognised for their outstanding contributions to their respective professions. The awards were presented on an evening that generated lively debate during the forum session; it was also a chance for industry professionals to chat about developments in the sector. Perspective is committed to supporting young talent, and we look forward to many such events in the future.

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In Perspective+ 2017, the full results of the A&D Trophy Awards 2016 are featured in a lavish spread, along with leading companies featured in the Company Profiles section. News, features and new projects are also extensively covered, alongside a comprehensive Suppliers Index of architects, interior designers, building services, contractors and material partners.


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Beat the heat

For any given hot summer day, a cold shower or a dip in the pool is all we need to drive away the heat and humid weather.

Taking a shower is never a boring routine any longer with advanced technological innovation nowadays. Many shower systems and products are equipped with smart control, intuitive design and water-saving technology that allow us to personalise our shower-time experience such as controlling the rhythm or jet power. With some latest ceiling shower systems that come with large water outlet, we can even enjoy a home-spa experience like never before.

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