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Past, present, future

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum – known by all as the V&A – has long been in the vanguard of international art and design exhibitions, constantly pushing the boundaries of interpretation and understanding. In addition to its countless galleries displaying paintings, sculptures and ceramics, it has staged special exhibitions on subjects as diverse as the fashion of Yves Saint Laurent and the music, artwork and stage shows of Pink Floyd.

More recently, it has attracted attention for its reimagining of its premises. The newly opened Exhibition Road Quarter is a stunning addition to the building, and one that includes the world’s first porcelain courtyard. The work of architect Amanda Levete, the concept marries visitor needs and expectations with contemporary design aesthetics, while maintaining the integrity of the museum’s historic facade.

The strive for change, while learning from the past, is something we aim to emulate with our redesign of Perspective. With a focus on architecture, design and, in particular, people active in those disciplines, we look forward to developing the publication further as a digest of industry developments in Hong Kong, the region and across the world.

In this issue, we take a neck-bending look at South Korea’s tallest skyscraper, Lotte World Tower, recently completed by KPF. On home turf, we interview Hong Kong design virtuoso Alan Chan who curated the Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong exhibition showcasing the city’s spirit across different disciplines. Chan talks about the importance of education and how young Hong Kong creatives must seize the opportunity to explore their roots and establish an identity.

Just what sort of future these young designers will find themselves in is another question. As artificial intelligence has an increasing impact on our professional lives, almost certainly threatening jobs, we invite two designers to share their views on how it will transform the design sector.

Design touches and shapes the way we experience the world. Perspective is fortunate enough to have the inside track on some of the industry’s biggest developments, and get the opinions of those at the forefront of innovation. We also look forward to hearing your feedback.

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In Perspective+ 2017, the full results of the A&D Trophy Awards 2016 are featured in a lavish spread, along with leading companies featured in the Company Profiles section. News, features and new projects are also extensively covered, alongside a comprehensive Suppliers Index of architects, interior designers, building services, contractors and material partners.


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Personal retreat

Bathrooms have tended to take a backseat in home interior design but they get much-deserved attention now that people are more conscious about wellness and the need to unwind after a long day's work. It's time to turn your bathroom into a tranquil place for indulgent bathing with added functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

Create a sense of masculinity and moodiness by adopting dark and on-trend tones of grey and black when selecting vanities, bathtubs, washbasins, tiles and stones. Coupling the bathroom fixtures with brass, concrete and black-and-white motifs also stylishly highlights stark contrasts.

If space allows, make your bathroom a private retreat with spa and wellness elements. There is no shortage of choices of shower systems that integrate spa effects, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and steam baths. You can even install your own home sauna for ultimate relaxation.

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