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Posted on Sep 18, 2012 in Dose of Design , Products
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The latest Swatch & Art collection takes inspiration from tattoo art. French tattoo artist Tin-Tin has created five watches for the wrist watch company, while Swiss visual artist Emmanuelle Antille has designed two that are inspired by tattoos by Filip Leu.

"My inspirations were, naturally, my style of tattoos that quite often and quite well symbolise myself in graphic form," says Tin-Tin. "These are, of course, timeless, quickly identifiable and immutable drawings; and examples of tattoo art in the collective unconscious. For me, Swatch upholds the reputation and reliability of Swiss watches, but does so in an affordable way, without being uptight or elitist."

About his designs, Antille says, "From a series of photographs that I made around the subject of tattoos and the illustrious Leu family of tattoo artists, particularly Filip Leu, I interpreted the watch as a skin substitute, a removable graft, a strange decoration or a trophy. I found the Swatch project very interesting: how to think about an everyday, simple and functional item as an object of desire for a brand that is very iconic."

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