New lighting collection by Sarah Lavoine

by Simon Yuen on Nov 13, 2015 in Products
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The studio offers lights including wall lamps, ceiling lamps and floor lamps. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Lavoine)

The studio offers lights including wall lamps, ceiling lamps and floor lamps. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Lavoine)

Sarah Lavoine creates unique lighting with various shapes

Lighting is the core of interior design and underlines its soul, according to Sarah Lavoine. In 2002, she opened her interior design agency, and she has recently launched a lighting collection and furniture line in her two eponymous Parisian boutiques.

Sarah Lavoine @ GdeLaubier-22

For over ten years, Sarah Lavoine has been creating unique interiors imbued with both tranquility and energy. She is proud of her design, devoting much attention to the shape of a lamp as to the colour scheme of a hotel or the ambience of a house. The new collection offers different types of lighting, from wall lamps to ceiling lamps, some of which can be seen through a cage of brass or almost hidden behind a porcelain shape.

Sarah Lavoine @ GdeLaubier-33

Her design agency focuses on renovation and decoration of projects for individuals, also it is involved with mass-market projects. This year Sarah Lavoine presents a new collection, including furniture, tableware, lighting, curtains and carpet.

Sarah Lavoine @ GdeLaubier-26

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