HP workstations for designers

by on Jul 19, 2019 in Perspective Promotions , Products
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HP's workstations enable design professionals to maximise both their efficiency and creativity

Long gone are the days when pen, paper and ruler were the main tools of building design. With the rise of powerful computer graphics, the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries are among the biggest tech users in the market, with every year bringing new software and hardware products to help users imagine their prototypes more effectively. Digital transformation and the popularity of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and 3D printing are all changing the way the AEC sector works and how it communicates with clients. Enter HP workstations.

The increasing use of BIM (building information reality) is another part of this trend. In Hong Kong, the Technical Circular (Works) published by the Development Bureau in December 2017 made BIM mandatory for capital works projects with budget estimates of more than HK$30 million, prompting architects, engineers and construction professionals to work more efficiently when planning, designing and managing infrastructure and buildings.HP WorkstationsTo bring ideas to life, especially those as big as a building, an architect's efficiency in producing accurate powerful workstation in the world, it is optimised for simulation, 8K-video editing and machine learning. Equipped with 56 processing cores and up to 3TB of high-speed memory, it takes design and engineering iterations to the next level with pumped-up efficiency. The internal architecture of the workstations can be accessed easily and therefore easily upgraded – there's no need to replace the device if new accessories or added storage options are required.

For those who don't have a lot of space to work with, there's the option of the Z2 Mini, which packs a lot of punch in a case the size of a box of cereal. With a sleek matte black exterior with angular edges it has plenty of power, including a 6-core processor, 32GB of memory, Quadro graphics and a combination of storage solutions. This entry-level workstation can easily handle day-to-day CAD and BIM workflows.

DSC_6135Cheung also points out that PC-based stations are advantageous for people working in the design industry, with an expandability that is unrivalled compared to similar devices on the market, especially with regards to compatibility with third-party accessories. PC workstations, he adds, can also support a greater variety of graphic cards and can accommodate multiple hard disks.

PC-based stations are advantageous for people working in the design industry, with an expandability that is unrivalled compared to similar devices on the market, especially with regards to compatibility with third-party accessories

"We see an increasing trend among media companies switching from their usual Mac devices to Windows-based workstations," says Cheung, "To architects, where the creation of 3D modelling requires the processing of huge amounts of data, our workstations can offer a stable and reliable workflow."

HP's Remote Graphics Software (RGS) is aimed at enhancing collaborative working among members of a project team, with better data security compared to cloud services. With RGS, users can access and share 2D- and 3D-design models anywhere, anytime, across PC and Mac devices, which allows you to perform collaboratively and in real time with high speeds, clarity and control.

To ensure that users get the best out of their devices, HP also offers DaaS – Device as a Service – a complete solution that combines hardware rental, insightful analytics, and device lifecycle services. With a DaaS subscription, HP provides simplified, scalable solution plans to make IT spending more predictable.





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