BACHMANN's electrical inventions

by on Mar 2, 2019 in Perspective Promotions , Products
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How 72-year-old German company BACHMANN remains at the forefront of producing cutting-edge electrical systems, sockets and smart power distribution units

BACHMANN, a family-owned business established in 1947 and based in Stuttgart, Germany, continues to produce and market cutting-edge and premium quality electrical components and systems after all these years. Its electronic engineering prowess extends to conceiving and manufacturing intelligent power-distribution units such as power strips and adapters, socket connection panels, electrotechnical accessories, and lamps – all generated from production and development centres in Germany, Romania and China.

How does the company stay ahead of the game in the long haul? Part of its longevity is thanks to its core philosophy of staying agile and continuing to produce innovative and intelligent products that meet the ever-evolving power needs and data demands of its users.BACHMANNThe company's inventions are designed for a range of settings – office, hotel and home applications as well as IT infrastructure. Its consumer-centric solutions are extensive and highly customisable – from smart adapters to power strips that are both stylish and functional.

For the workplace application for instance, that could be modular electric systems designed with versatile functions and power strips as well as desk connection panels. For the IT power distribution context, this provider offers solutions such as smart, energy-efficient management systems for data centres. Meanwhile for hotels, the company produces stylish high-design electrical products.


BACHMANN offers electrical inventions designed for office, hotel, home applications and IT infrastructure

BACHMANN also provides solutions to corporations and up-and-coming businesses. To date the organisation has a large global presence that includes a partner network in 27 countries worldwide. Building strong external relationships is another key part of its success. The firm prioritises forming connections with its stakeholders, including customers as well as suppliers. Accolades for its products are many, including the Interzum Award for intelligent material and design in 2017 for the company's colourful socket outlet PIX series. This range was designed for kitchen and living environments.

Another award-winning product is BACHMANN's DUE power strip that garnered the German Design Award, in the special mention category, courtesy of the German Design Council. This elegantly designed power strip by BACHMANN was originally conceived for kitchens and offices, among other settings.

Meanwhile the company continues to cultivate an organisational culture where values such as respect, trust and passion are held in high regard and help shape the company's act ions. The organisation's overarching philosophy is: "We Power Your Life" so its employees share a common ambition to generate smart and customer-centric products. The bottom line is that the company's products aim to improve the everyday life of their users.Independent monitor

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