Tiger's Milk in Singapore

by Leona Liu on Nov 23, 2015 in Lifestyle
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Located along the historic Ann Siang Road in Singapore and housed in a 19th century colonial building, Tiger’s Milk  brings a unique gastronomical dining experience to the city

As Singapore's first Peruvian rooftop bar and grill, Tiger's Milk – a loose translation of Leche de Tigre – showcases a unique  dining environment with a brand new F&B-led lifestyle and hospitality concept . Conceptualised under the guidance of Chef Hajime Kasuga to present the best flavours of Peru with a grazing dining style,  the establishment encourages guests to interact with a social and familial style of dining.


Set against the stunning backdrop of Ann Siang Hill and perching at the top of The Club, Tiger's Milk is clad in a kaleidoscope of colours with textures, patterns and smooth furnishings set in warm and cozy hues.


Intricately designed and decorated, a painting of the great Amazon Forest sits proudly at the stairwell to greet guests as they transcend to a new level at the rooftop bar. Colourful installations and the energetic beats of the Latin American culture emphasise the Peruvian experience.


From the interior design to details on tableware, Latin America is reflected and leads guests on a journey back to some of the oldest pisco bars in Lima


Chef Kasuga brings with him more than 20 years of culinary experience specialising in Mediterranean, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, and with his guidance, the menu features Peruvian classics with a different twist to entice the local palate.


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