• All images courtesy Josh Tam

    Beyond Transcendence

    A cinema city of the future that travels beyond space and time

  • All images courtesy of squarestreet

    The time is now

    squarestreet has launched its newest timepiece: PLANO

  • Images: © Dicky Liu and courtesy JC Vision

    The Rule Breaker

    Joseph Chang from JC Vision has a unique take on creating personal spaces for his clients

  • 20160801_122728

    Student Sessions

    The student judging sessions for the A&D Trophy Awards 2016 recently took place at Atkins

  • From soft neutrals through to vivid bolds, mud australia’s palette consists of 18 colours. All images courtesy of mud Australia

    Firing it up

    Shelley Simpson has turned her passion for ceramics into an international business that even Nigella Lawson can't get enough of

  • All images courtesy of FBEYE International

    A new age of sophistication

    Hamabe Japanese Restaurant transformed into village street by FBEYE International

  • This "Genetically Modified Egg" by Dominic Wilcox suggests that there may be ways in which the use of GM could be practically applicable to food (All images courtesy of World Design Capital Taipei 2016)

    Bite Me!

    The Edible Tales exhibition currently showing in Taipei flips existing rules surrounding food on their head

  • 01_From tradition and mediterranean legacy_01

    Across the Desert; Across the Sea

    Top Israeli designers showcase their works at World Design Capital Taipei 2016