Highland Park introduces new whisky, Full Volume

by on Jun 4, 2018 in Lifestyle , Perspective Promotions
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Highland Park is proud to announce the launch of their latest whisky FULL VOLUME, a single malt made for whisky and music lovers 

FULL VOLUME synchronises the skills of a Whisky Maker with the expertise of a Music Producer – both roles are similar as their craft is all about balance. It's about combining every individual cask type and wave of flavour in a whisky or fine tuning and balancing a piece of music.

The inspiration for the packaging comes from old fashioned guitar amplifiers and to illustrate the synergy of music and whisky

HP_17_Full_Volume_Atmospheric_Bottle_USA (19)

Gordon Motion, Highland Park's Master Whisky Maker, created FULL VOLUME single malt Scotch whisky using 100% ex-Bourbon casks.  Distilled in 1999 and bottled in 2017, its flavour profile is citrus, creamy vanilla with a light smoky finish.

The inspiration for the packaging comes from old fashioned guitar amplifiers and to illustrate the synergy of music and whisky, the dials on the side indicate the different measures of Bourbon, peat, vanilla and fruit flavours.


"There are lots of similarities between creating single malt whisky and music,” commented Jason R. Craig, Brand Director, Highland Park.

“In music, amps and equalisers restore balance by fine tuning frequencies to alter tone and character. It is a similar role when creating a new whisky. The Music Producer makes sure that music is balanced at every level – even at full volume!  While pushing up the volume can result in distortion, loss of subtlety or at worst a brash cacophony of unbalanced sounds, it's a real skill to create a perfectly balanced piece of music.

"Similarly, the Master Whisky Maker must have a profound understanding of the material he is working with when putting together a whisky.  He is responsible for balancing every individual wave of flavour in the whisky – allowing each to find its ideal place in the harmonised final spirit – a true craftsman."

To demonstrate the synchronicity between music and whisky making, Highland Park worked with music producer and song writer Saul Davies, to create a bespoke piece of music for FULL VOLUME. To understand more about the brand’s new whiskey, watch Saul and Gordon's chat about their craftsmanship and how similar their roles are.


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