colourliving recently unveils CoeLux in Hong Kong

by Perspective on May 10, 2017 in Archive , Lifestyle , Perspective Promotions
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Photo Credit: Ezio Manciucca

Photo Credit: Ezio Manciucca

Hong Kong's one-stop lifestyle destination colourliving recently unveils CoeLux to the local market, suitable for various types of interior spaces

colourliving, the authorised CoeLux dealer in Hong Kong, unveils Coelux recently, which is a lighting system that reproduces the optical properties of natural light, along with its associated physical effects on the viewer, making it suitable for commercial buildings, clubhouses, hotels, to name a few.

CoeLux 45 SQUARE

Photo Credit: Delfino Sisto Legnani Studio

Coelux employs the latest LED technology and a very sophisticated optical system that recreates the sensation of the sun shining from its actual distance through the sky. Available in settings that replicate the natural light of the Mediterranean or tropical regions, ceiling models require a minimum width above a false ceiling – specific dimensions vary depending on the model. This scientific achievement, led by Paolo Di Trapani from the University of Insubria in Como, Italy, launched in 2014 and now offers a wide variety of models.

Coelux 60

Photo Credit: Ekspobalta

The CoeLux 45 series offers ceiling skylight or a wall-mounted panel that brings an equal amount of light and shade. The CoeLux 45 family features a 45-degree solar elevation effect. However, a more luminescent contrast of light and shadow is brought by the CoeLux 60, with its implied 60-degree solar elevation. These systems have been successfully installed in a variety of architecture and have a great impact in underground spaces including subways, airports and cruise liner cabins.


The CoeLux ST range, introduced in 2016 breaks up the lighting panels with three decorative options: ST NAOS intervenes with long slats, ST TIVANO diffuses light with a surface of multiple glass panels, and ST IBLA positions an unobscured lighting panel in a deeper surrounding well.

Coelux ST Naos

All models are guaranteed with a two-year international warranty.




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