by Adrian Ho on Feb 21, 2014 in Lifestyle
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In Hong Kong, downtown Causeway Bay welcomes a one-of-a-kind culinary attraction as Wheatfield re-introduces Russian cuisine with a modern twist

Taking its name from a verse in John 12:23-25, Wheatfield is no typical Russian restaurant, even though it may be classified as so in a restaurant guide. As Andrew Yip, Wheatfield’s managing director, notes: “I prefer to call our cuisine ‘Shanghainese Western’, as it took heavy influence from the cuisine served in restaurants in the Shanghai French Concession.”

That said, Yip is well aware of the commonalities that ‘Shanghainese Western’ shares with traditional Russian cuisine, so he arranged a one-month trip to Russia, hoping to search for culinary inspirations for Wheatfield. “We started from Moscow and traveled to St Petersburg. After that we stayed near Lake Ladoga for a while,” Yip recalls. From barbeque whole lamb to goat innards stew, fresh goat milk and native vodka, he had had every taste of the most authentic Russian cuisine, which he has translated into Wheatfield’s menu — with his own twist. “After all, it has to be modified a bit to suit local customers.”

Aiming to differentiate Wheatfield from standard Russian restaurants, Yip intended to create an interior scheme that could reflect the innovative spirit in his cuisine. He therefore called in Twins Kitchen — a consultancy on food and beverage business founded by twins Caleb and Joshua Ng — who brought the dining space to life with an easy, New York-esque design.

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