Personal retreat Bathrooms have tended to take a backseat in home interior design but they get much-deserved attention now that people are more conscious about wellness and the need to unwind after a long day’s work. It’s time to turn your bathroom into a tranquil place for indulgent bathing with added functionality, aesthetics and comfort. Create a sense of masculinity and moodiness by adopting dark and on-trend tones of grey and black when selecting vanities, bathtubs, washbasins, tiles and stones. Coupling the bathroom fixtures with brass, concrete and black-and-white motifs also stylishly highlights stark contrasts. If space allows, make your bathroom a private retreat with spa and wellness elements. There is no shortage of choices of shower systems that integrate spa effects, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and steam baths. You can even install your own home sauna for ultimate relaxation. >> Read online