Summer makeover As summer reaches its full crescendo in Hong Kong, thoughts turn to outdoor living, though the reality is that because of the heat, there won’t be much sitting outdoors until later in the yea, unless you’re lucky enough to have a swimming or plunge pod. But now is a good time to for a rooftop revamp or spot of patio pampering, and that requires a good degree of planning. First on the agenda is what’s needed. Semi-formal tables and chairs, or laid-back sofas and loungers. How many people do you normally have round for drinks and dinner. Do the plant need a make-over? Another thing to bear in mind is typhoons – whatever’s placed on the roof may need to come in before a storm, or be tied down. And all items of furniture will need to be waterproof and durable, and cushions removable. Summer’s also a good opportunity to take a fresh look at shades, blinds and air conditioning systems-this is the season to put them to the test. It’s also the time to be making plans for renewing interiors later in the year, when the humidity drops. >> Read online