The rise of the skyscraper — pardon the pun — has happened relatively recently, and with what looks like blinding speed. Take Shenzhen, for example. As our story on KPF's Ping An Finance Centre (PAFC) on page 48 notes, the city's vertical growth began in earnest just three decades ago: back in 1979, the tallest building there was a mere five storeys high. Over the ensuing decade, a staggering 300 highrises were erected, and from 1996 to 2006, 18 buildings taller than 200m were completed. Soon, PAFC will soar 600 metres into the sky, changing Shenzhen's skyline forever — just as London's own is set to alter as well, as more new skyscrapers thrust upwards (page 58). Meanwhile, there are those who are working to reduce the amount of space we take up on this planet: architect Clara da Cruz Almeida's Pod-Idladla (page 50) and Wohnwagon's eponymous compact home (page 60) demonstrate that tiny homes can still be big on style. • Early warning notice! The Call for Entries for our A&D Trophy Awards 2016 closes on 30 June 2016 — go to and submit your entries now.