Climes, they are a changing An agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Paris Agreement, went into effect on 4 November 2016 in a bid to deal with greenhouse gas emission mitigation, adaptation and finance, and remains open for signature until 21 April 2017. So far, it has been signed by 194 countries, including China, which has decided that the agreement applies to both Hong Kong and Macau as well. We take sustainability very seriously here at Perspective, and we believe that architects and designers play a pivotal role in helping to change infrastructure and development strategies for future generations. There is no longer an argument for excessive prices making eco-friendly concepts impossible, as advances in technology, materials and social awareness all mean that 'green' features can be incorporated in to buildings, spaces and products, and that's why this month's focus is on all things 'green'! In Hong Kong, we spoke with a number of people working on urban farming projects in the region (page 66), and found out more about Gustafson Porter + Bowman's ambitious greening project in Tai Koo (page 62). New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge told us about his ultra-eco-sensitive lighting and furniture (page 58), and we discovered more about the Taj Ganj urban redevelopment project by Archohm Consult in India (page 72) We learn the ins and outs of the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool by Farrells ahead of its opening of both indoor and outdoor facilities later this month (page 20), and also discuss the changing face of product design with Luca Alessi on (page 80) + The call for entries for this year's A&D Trophy Awards opens with an 'early bird' offer running for the month of April — find out more at